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The above image is a telling picture of what life currently looks like. Sweet baby feet and what feels like never-ending laundry. Ha!

I didn’t blog about my May goals, but I did have them! Here is what I accomplished last month:

+ Train our new studio manager

+ Have headshots taken for the new website (thank you, Allison and Kymm!)

+ Attend my first Tuesday’s Together

+ Catch up on editing

+ Take the kids on a hike and picnic at Anne Springs Close Greenway

+ Make a “before kindergarten” summer buckletlist with Boone

+ French Toast Friday w/ The Whitlows

+ Attend a Knights Game w/ our Elevation Uptown campus staff

+ Get our townhome fixed up and rented

June Goals:


1. Individual Kid Dates. At the beginning of the year, Geoff and I determined we wanted to schedule some one on one time with each of the kids. This month, I’ll get to take Boone on a date and Geoff will take Crew.

2. Celebrate. It’s a big celebration month for us…Geoff’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and father’s day.

3. French Toast Friday. Need to pick a date and a set of friends to invite over for what I think might be the world’s best french toast.

4. Beach Trip. Enough said.

5. Boone’s “Before Kindergarten” Bucketlist. We made it together last month, now it’s time to get going on it. A few things I am particularly looking forward to: Teaching Boone how to ride his bike with no training wheels, catching fireflies in the front yard (he always looks forward to this) and a water balloon fight.


1. Continue Training Studio Manager. Our main focus is editing training. I’m confident that by month’s end, Erika will be able to tackle the majority of the editing on her own.

2. Complete Website. It’s so hard to put this one up here. To be very honest, I’ve felt very defeated and even a little embarrassed with the delay in completion of this goal. So much that I almost wanted to not include it here because I have put it on my goals listing for many, many months….and it just hasn’t gotten done yet. More than anything, I need to cut myself some slack. Yes, I desperately want to get it up for many reasons, but I know I just need to chill out a bit. It will get done. The good thing is, I’ve made some major progress building out a master “to-do” listing and project calendar. Erika has promised to keep me on track. 🙂

3. New Albums. We are pretty close to making a decision on which company we’ll partner with. From there, we’ll make a couple of new sample albums.

4. PowersheetsI’ve kind of slacked off on utilizing these, but am re-motivated to pick them back up again for the second half of the year. So much that I ordered a set for Erika as well. They are currently 40% off if you use the code SUMMERGOALS. Go on and get yourself a set! We’ll be spending some time on these toward the end of the month to form our third quarter goals. Really looking forward to it.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Oh how I love this authentic photo of laundry and baby feet!

    Love that you are training your studio manager to edit. I think it’s a really hard thing to let go control of, but in the end I think that time and energy can be poured into CARING for your clients. I am considering trying to outsource some editing…if I could just find the right person!

    Def give yourself some grace with the website. It will get done. You birthed a child in 2016. That’s an accomplishment all in its own…

    And I finally bit the bullet and snagged some power sheets with the sale last week! Can’t wait to get started! Any tips for separating or combining personal/business goal setting?


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