April Goals | 2016

The Schultzes

I just love April. Partly because my birthday is in April and partly because of the near perfect temps!

Sorry for the late post in April Goals. Better late than never is my mantra these days as I continue to figure out how to manage life with three little ones and our business.

March Goals:

+ Complete family album #1 from Artifact Uprising

+ Write my “what fires me up” list and do those things. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t intentional about this.

+ French Toast Fridays…we did this twice!

+ Begin Grey’s baby book

+ Tidy Up. Ughhhhh. I only got so far as getting all of our clothes scattered about our room. Major work to do on this still.

+ Hire Studio Manager. We haven’t hired anyone yet, but we are definitely in the process.

+ Complete Website. We haven’t completed it, but have made a lot of progress.

+ Periscope. Yes!  I did this a couple of weeks ago about finding renewal in motherhood. I hope to write a blog post about it as well.

+ Get my email to zero. Yes, it happened even though it only stayed that way for maybe an hour. Ha.

April Goals:


1. Sign kids up for swim lessons. 

2. What Fires Me Up List. Putting this back on my list for April since I didn’t really do it for March.

3. Attend and shoot the Influence Conference. This is happening tomorrow here in Charlotte and I couldn’t be more excited.

4. Taxes. Ugh. We will probably have to have our accountant file an extension and I’m just going to have to be okay with that. Still hoping to get them done this month.

5. Celebrate 35. My birthday was April 4th, but I still wanted to include it here, as I like to look back on old posts sometimes. I had the BEST birthday. I had been a little freaked out at turning 35 (this is all just going SO fast!), but mostly, I am grateful that God let me see another birthday and that He has given me such a full and joyful life.


1. Hire Studio Manager. I’m determined to complete the process this month and have our official hire.

2. Complete Website. Will we complete it this month? I surely hope so.

3. Editing. Complete 90% of April’s wedding and shoot editing before the month is over. I’m determined to stay caught up.

4. Speak at Asheville Folk’s Photography Workshop. As of yesterday, there were six remaining tickets! April 21st in Asheville. Sign up HERE.

5. Begin Construction of our New Client Booklet. After many years of vowing I would create our own from scratch, I bought this template from Katelyn James to give to our new clients. I think it’s going to become a staple in our client experience and can’t wait to get it done. Get yourself one HERE.

6. Tune In to the Rising Tide Society SummitLooks like it should be a great couple of nights with some great content!

Here’s to a great month!

Cheyenne Schultz

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