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It has been a great two months getting to know and learning how to best care for our little Grey (not to mention, figuring out how to do life with three kids!). I am just now starting to pick up the pace a little bit with the business, as you’ll see with my hefty listing of goals. I’m proclaiming it now…it’s going to be a great month!

February Goals:

+ Complete bedroom name signs for kids.

+ Celebrate Crew’s 3rd birthday.

+ Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

+ Road trip to Savannah.

+ Complete family picture editing.

+ Take Influence Class.

+ Complete coaching worksheet content. (decided to table this until after our website launch)

+ Blog. 2015 Behind the Scenes, 2015 Year in Review, Grey’s Newborn Session, Grey’s Nursery.

+ 2016 Powersheets/Goal Setting.

+ Website project calendar.

March Goals:


1. Family Album #1.  Since I managed to complete ALL of the editing of our family pictures, I now get to start the process of making our yearly albums (I plan to use Artifact Uprising). I think I’ll start with 2010, which was the year that we became parents. 🙂

2. What Fires Me Up List. The “what fires me up” activity in my Powersheets is one of my favorite activities. Now I just need to review my list and DO many of the things on it. A few highlights (as silly as some may be): take walks in the fresh air, burn my favorite smelling candle, pray in my journal, buy and use my favorite smelling shampoo, gift giving, play music while making dinner, etc.

3. French Toast Fridays. This was something that was born out of our conversation about our 2016 goals. We really desire to continue to build some solid relationships with our friends. Instead of passing it off that we are too busy to hang out, we are being proactive and hosting one Friday (or Saturday) a month as “French Toast Friday” to eat french toast with some our friends in our home.

4. Grey’s Baby Book. Time to get started on the little guy’s baby book before I forget all of the moments of these very early days.

5. Tidy Up. March means spring cleaning time!  I bought the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and can’t wait to read it as a guide to get this house in order. I love organizing and decluttering, so I’m pretty pumped about this goal.


1. We’re Hiring! It’s true…we hope to hire a studio manger/personal assistant/2nd shooter this month with a start date in early April. Stay tuned for all of the details tomorrow on the blog.

2. Complete Website. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and purchased our brand new website. Now comes the hard part…getting all of the work done! This is definitely a high priority for us at this point.

3. Create Marketing Plan. With a new brand and website coming, it’s time to make some launch plans…fun stuff. I love marketing. 🙂

4. Periscope. As terrified as I was, I went ahead gave Periscope a try last month. Although, it was basically a train wreck, as we were headed back from Savannah and Grey decided he wanted to eat right before it started. So yes, I nursed my baby during my first Periscope. And I was completely distracted. Oh well, I can only go up from here, right? Ha. Anyway, I hope to Periscope at least once (if not twice) this month. Please comment if there are any particular topics you would like me to touch on! If you dare tune in, you can find me at @cheyenneschultz.

5. Email To Zero. Yes. Amen. It’s happening.

Thanks for reading! If you happen to blog your goals for the month and want to share, please leave a link in the comments – I’d really love to see what you are up to.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s fun to get a look at how your business is doing and to watch you cross those goals off your list.


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