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Today I get to introduce you to my right hand woman that keeps my business running and my life in check.  My studio assistant, Sammie.  She does so much for me week to week and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her on our team.  I asked her to answer a few questions to go along with some images I photographed of her a few weeks ago.
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 + Tell us about yourself.

Hi! Well, my name is Sammie. Birth-name Samantha Courtney Joy Colletta, just in case you were wondering. I am 27 – soon to be 28, June 20th (woo!). I was born in Brampton, Ontario which is just outside of Toronto. 38 minutes without traffic, according to Google Maps. I moved from Ontario to Montreal when I was three years old. Montreal to Connecticut when I was 14. Connecticut to Nashville one month shy of turning 22 and Nashville to (here) Charlotte last October 2013. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and looking back now, I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING!I love Jesus, my church community and reading the Bible in The Message translation (LOL). I have a slight obsession with in I could probably eat it every day and never tire of it. I very much enjoy beauty related things, i.e. skincare and makeup (both specifically organic). Also, I blog about beauty, and some music too. Speaking of which, music is the best! I am always singing, dancing and/or listening to music, cus duh, they’re awesome. I have been singing since I was able to speak and playing guitar since the age of 12. I am self-taught, all ears – I am a free spirit and dislike technicalities and practicing a bunch. It’s true, just ask my boyfriend Davey. 😉 Beach forever. Really, I just love it. I’m a beach bum at heart. The sunshine is my favourite, I mean, my face warmly welcomes it by exploding into freckles – which I really love. I’m fluent in two languages: English and French. I can speak and understand ‘un po’ Italian, ‘un poquito’ Spanish, and if I’m feeling really confident – ‘um pouco’ of Portuguese. My family means everything to me and they’re my bestest friends. Yes, even my mum and dad. 🙂


+ What are three things that you are loving right now?
My shorter hair, the new Joywave album, salted caramel candy/chocolates.

+ What is one state you want to visit in the next five years?
I would love to visit California. I’ve never been, and San Diego and San Francisco are on my list.

+ What are you most passionate about?
I have a heart for our younger generation of girls (middle school/high school). I am also super passionate about my faith, then beauty blogging, music and good food – in no particular order.

+ If you weren’t limited by anything, what would your absolute dream job be?
I would love to just do makeup on clients, travel to cool countries time to time, and even get paid for beauty blogging. Go to beauty events, receive products (new and old), test them out, review them, etc.

+ What are your hobbies?
I really enjoy singing and playing guitar, online shopping (shh), adventuring/road tripping (especially with Davey), beauty blogging, organizing…yeah, I am a neat-freak.

+ What are you grateful for?
This may seem a bit cliche, but I am super grateful to be alive. There have been a few instances in my life where I didn’t know if I was going to be okay, or something bad happened…but I’m here, healthy and am so grateful for that. Not to mention I have a great roof over my head, food on the table and a wonderful family, boyfriend and best friends. It’s the little things.

+ Best book you have ever read?
Oh man, it’s a tie between The Shack by William P. Young, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and I’m Proud of You by Tim Madigan.


+ Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.
+ Beach or mountains? Beach.
+ Morning person or night person? Night.
+ Truth or dare? Truth.
+ Favorite season? Summer and the transition of summer to fall.
+ Coffee or tea? Ooh…both. But probably leaning more on the coffee side.

+ Favorite restaurant in Charlotte?
I love me some New Zealand Cafe (sushi restaurant by my house), but I also (newly) love this wing place called DD Peckers.

+ Favorite place to get coffee in Charlotte?
Not Just Coffee!

+ Favorite place to get a treat in Charlotte?
Amelie’s French Bakery.

+ Of the 3 Schultzes’ dogs, who is your favorite? I just have this soft spot for Ellen. She’s so quirky, eccentric, neurotic and random – I feel like I can sometimes relate to that, haha.

+ If you were given $100 and you had to give it away to someone, who would you give it to?
Sounds crazy, but whenever I’ve eaten somewhere and the server is working really hard and/or seems to be having a tough day, I’ve always wished I could just tip them an outrageous amount of money (on a small check) to bless them. So, I’d do that.

+ If you were given $100 and you had to spend it on yourself, what store would you spend it in?
Yikes, that’d be dangerous! Haha. I would probably spend it all at a) a chocolate store of some kind, b) some fancy beauty shop, or c) a really nice restaurant with excellent cuisine.

+ If you had to pick one age to live for the rest of your life, what age would that be?
Either six years old, or 36 years old. I’m either going to not have a care in the world and live naively, or have all the cares but be happily married with a kid or two. (It makes sense in my brain..)


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