Custom Packing Tape

For Photographers


I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging – both outside and inside the package – so I knew I wanted to make the investment in custom packing tape when we rebranded.  A few days ago after instagramming a picture of our packaged holiday client gifts, I received a couple of requests to share where we got our tape.  Happy to.  🙂

We ordered from Continental Tape Printers – the minimum order is 2 cases, which is a whole lot of tape!  We chose one color in the 3 inch size and paid just under $250.  We love it!

I hope this was helpful.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

PhotographyPackagingTape_0002 PhotographyPackagingTape_0003 PhotographyPackagingTape_0005

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. This looks like a great idea. I want to start selling some crafts and I think that this might be a great way to add that little personal touch. It would also be great advertising. Two cases of tape is a lot of tape. Do they sell less amounts?


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