Welcome, December.



December2014Goals_TheSchultzes2Welcome, December!  But first, November’s highlight reel.

+ Photographed 23 mini sessions over the course of 2 days.  Overall, it was a great success.  It went so well that it’s very likely we will offer a set of spring mini sessions in 2015.

+ A quick trip to Raleigh for some quality time with our friends, The Rays, and an “Autumnal Gathering” with a bunch of really great photographers and even better people.

+ Geoff and I spent a day in Boone, North Carolina to speak to a photography class at App State.  We so enjoyed our time with the students.

+ I took a calligraphy class from Olde York Station.  It was a great challenge and fun to learn something new.  Now, if I only had a little free time to practice!


Here’s what we’ve got going for December.



1. Edit.  Sweet Sammie and I are working hard to get fully caught up on all of our fall weddings and shoots.  Having a clean slate will be a great feeling!

2. Email.  Speaking of great feelings and clean slates….I really want to go into 2015 caught up on email.

3. 2014 Goals / Dreaming for 2015. Evaluate how this year stacked up and spend some time dreaming of what 2015 will look like.

4. Holiday Gifts / Card. Can’t wait to send out some holiday love to our 2014 and 2015 clients!


1. Christmas at Elevation Church.  Geoff, his team, and most of our staff have been burning the midnight oil for weeks now in preparation for our Christmas Eve worship experiences. Check out all of the times across our city here and please, join us!

2. Hello Holidays. I just love December and I love our family Christmas traditions: 1) Build a gingerbread village, 2) Decorate the house (did this!), 3) Make M&M cookies (did this, but there are many more to come!), 4) Bring our neighbors something Christmasy, 5) Road trip to the Great Smokey Mountains to ride The Polar Express (Boone is going to LOSE his mind.), 6) Drive around to look at Christmas lights, 7) Make reindeer pancakes (I think Crew will flip out over this one – she has a pair of reindeer pj’s that she is obsessed with), 8) The Bear Show, 9) Christmas Eve sleepover on the living room floor, 10) 24 nights of books.  I love this stuff!

3. Hunger Games Date Night.  I haven’t seen it yet! Mockingjay is happening this month.  It has to.


If anyone reading posts goals on a blog, please leave a comment to your link below – truly, I’d love to see what others are up to this month.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Hannah Elise says:

    love this!! and seriously, that polar express train is INSANE. what an experience. just blogged my December goals today as well! 🙂

  2. Hannah McKay says:

    Love your goals blog posts! Always have. I desperately want to have a movie date with my sweetheart this month, too. It might have to happen at home, but I am determined to make it happen!

    Here’s a link to my December goal blog post: http://www.hannahjmckay.com/?p=1034

  3. Zyra says:

    Same here! I’m embracing December with big hugs, good fashion (finally Im about to wear my fancy boots) and sweet treats from family and friends. Looking forward for your holiday posts!


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