Grandview Vacay

The Schultzes

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It’s incredible how refreshing it can be for my soul to get out of town for just a couple of days time.  In early September, we did just that.  We dropped the kids with the grandparents and took off for Banner Elk, North Carolina to spend two laugh-filled days with our two sets of friends – Nancy and Will  and Toni and Chris.  Man, did we ever laugh.  I hadn’t laughed that hard for that long in I don’t even know how long.

It was climbing trees, hopping rocks and cooking good food.

It was field frolicking and sleeping in.

It was getting caught in the rain, waterhole diving and eating chocolate chip cookies made with extra M&Ms.

It was playing catchphrase WAY past Nancy’s bedtime.

It was picture taking, having deep talks about heaven and hanging out on the deck as we watched the fog roll in.

Goodness, it was good.

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Cheyenne Schultz

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