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I had big plans for July.  Unfortunately, those plans had to be put on pause after I was out of the office sick for more than a week, which put me really behind in all things life and business.  August is going to be a little repetitive as far as my goals go, but hopefully, I’ll be more successful this month in achieving them!



1. New albums.  It’s happening this month.  This month I will move forward with a new company and some updated samples.

2. Cultivate.  On Saturday I leave for Jekyll Island, Georgia to attend and speak the Cultivate Retreat. I was back and forth between two topics, but landed on the one that was the most meaningful to me…this year in particular.  My session is titled: “I Will Fight: The Journey Through the Drought”.  Really looking forward to this.

3. Evaluate 2014 Goals. This goes for our life/family goals as well.

4. Hiring.  This month we will begin the process to hire a Studio/Personal Assistant for our life and business.  Details can be found soon in a post.


1. Love Does.  This is my vow – I will complete this book this month.  🙂

2. Kitchen Shelves. This is a half completed project…shelves to house our pantry items will be up by the end of August.

3. Live Recording. This one is actually already completed.  On August 1st, I had the honor of photographing (along with 50+ other photographers and videographers) the recording of the new live worship album from our worship team at our church at Time Warner Arena.  I hope to share a few pictures very soon.

4. Birthday Boy. There is a certain little boy that lives in our house that will turn FOUR at the end of the month.  He is so excited – he often talks about the #4 balloon he will get, the friends that will come to his party and the chocolate cake that I will make him.  He is the cutest.  Can’t wait to celebrate our Boone.  His approaching birthday also means we (read: Geoff) have an approaching yearly recap video to make.  🙂


The final week of July was Love Week – a week sponsored by our church to serve across the city of Charlotte.  I can’t help but sharing a few pictures of my kids from our morning serving at Emeritus at Southpark (an assisted living community for the elderly with Alzheimers).  Crew ran right into the arms of the first resident she saw and gave her a big hug…totally unprompted by me….and then continued to climb into the lap of another and sit quietly while the lady showed her pictures of her grandchildren.  And Boone was such a sweetheart tenderly shaking everyone’s hands and telling them about his upcoming birthday party.  One lady told him that she loved him.  He replied, “I love you too”.  Melt my heart.  I was one proud mama.

LoveWeek_ElevationChurch_01 LoveWeek_ElevationChurch_02

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