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CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0001I can’t tell you how excited I was when the ladies at Charlotte Wedding Magazine reached out to ask if I would be interested in shooting a fashion feature for the magazine.  The offer came at a time that I was coming off of a hard and long season of self-doubt.  I was so grateful and honored for this opportunity….not only for the chance to see my images in print, but to be able to work with the talent that is behind the pages of the magazine.  Aleigh, Jane and Kellie – you three are the best…it was so nice to work with and get to know each of you.

Once I found out our shoot site was to be at Morning Glory Farm, I was in hog heaven.  I hadn’t yet photographed a wedding at this {beautiful} venue, but had seen many pictures and had heard so many great things not only about the property itself, but about the owners – Scott and Nan.  Kind, gracious, giving, friendly, warm, gentle….these are just a few of the words that begin to describe this sweet, sweet family.

I personal highlight on shoot day was, Annie, the goat.  Y’all, I love goats.  And goats that are donned in flower wreaths made by the fabulous Lynette of The Bloom Room?  Forget about it.  Although she didn’t love the leash we had her in so we could take her picture, she was the most adorable subject.  Sweet Annie.

I would, however, be remiss if I didn’t mention the struggles we all faced on shoot day.  The first half of the day was gorgeous….as the hours went by, so did the sun.  In came the threatening clouds and sure enough…a downpour that did. not. quit.  Of course, the hard rain started JUST as Scott and Nan’s daughter, Maggie, had put the top down on their mustang convertible…and then the car would not start.  We were able to get the top up and roll three out of the four windows up.  As Maggie ran to get a tarp, I wedged the front of my body inside of window #4 and proceeded to get PELTED with rain.  When Maggie returned – both of us soaking wet – all we could do was laugh.  It was quite ridiculous.  I spent the rest of the shoot in sopping wet clothes and shoes.  🙂  I have to say, it was slightly miserable…but had it not happened, I wouldn’t have such a fun memory to laugh at and I wouldn’t have the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge it was to pull off the rest of the shoot.  🙂

To view the full feature go HERE.


And finally, here is the team that made the shoot possible:

Styled by – Erica Hanks

Styling assistant – Becca Blake

Produced by – Jane Fields

Hair and makeup by – Lacey Patterson

Florals – The Bloom Room

Shot on location at – Morning Glory Farm

CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0002 CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0003 CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0004

To see more of the “real” images in addition to the ones below, I posted some on our facebook page HERE. CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0005 CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0006 CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0007 CharlotteWeddingMagazine_CheyenneSchultz_0008

Cheyenne Schultz

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