July Goals


July.  Halfway through 2014…already?  In reading the July goals blog post of my friend, Nancy Ray, I was reminded of this fact and that now is a great time to review the goals Geoff and I set for the year back in January.  We’ll be doing this on our date night this month and then I’ll report back with where we landed/the game plan for the remainder of the year.  For now, here are my goals for the month of July:



1. CPA Transition.  Fully transfer services to our new accountant and bookkeeper.

2. New albums.  I was a little overly ambitious in my goals last month, as I didn’t really take into account how much I would be shooting.  Anyway, this month I really want to move forward with a new company and some updated samples.

3. Shoot film.  This past Sunday evening I ventured out into the unfamiliar photography world of film shooting.  For my first go-around, I was really pleased with the experience and would like to shoot again this month so I can keep up on what I learned.  The “what” to shoot is to be determined.

4. Evaluate 2014 Goals. This goes for our life/family goals as well.

5. Organize Receipts.  So far, the organization of our business receipts is limited to throwing them into a folder labeled as “2014” in ink pen.  I think we are going to look into an electronic system…I’ve heard good things about Neat Receipts.  Anyone have any wisdom to shed here?


1. Beach times.  Really excited to spend a few days away at the beach.  It’s been two years since Boone has been and Crew has never experienced it.  Should be a ton of fun.

2. Love Does.  I started this book on our anniversary getaway in early June and really loved it.  What heart Bob Goff has! His words have inspired me greatly.  Hoping to do some reading at the beach.

3. Kitchen Shelves. I really want to put up a set of shelves to house all of my pantry items.  Picture to follow.


And now, I leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from June…Geoff and Boone on Father’s Day.  🙂



Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Paige Jones says:

    Love those pics of Geoff and Boone! I’m trying to figure out a good electronic system for receipts as well…the paper trail reeeeeally overwhelms me. Like, am I just supposed to keep organizing paper for the next 50 years?! No thank you!

  2. Love does is an amazing book. I need to buy it so I can underline. Business goal-get all 2013-2014 contracts scanned in and filed. Life goals- Work out more consistently and hopefully start a family 🙂


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