Paige and Charlie



In just a few short weeks, Paige and Charlie will marry at Morning Glory Farm.  With people as sweet and genuine and loving as these two, wedding day is going to be beautiful.  See you guys very soon!  🙂

Makeup by Lindsey Regan Thorne

CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0002 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0003 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0004 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0005 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0006 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0007 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0008 CharlotteEngagementSession_PaigeCharlie_0009

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Nicole Bowen says:

    I am obsessed with her shirt 🙂

  2. Victoria Hunter says:

    I love your choice of locations. I’m looking for something similar to this for my own engagement shoot. Any suggestions? I’ve already tried Beaver Dam, but they are booked already. I’m just not sure what the Charlotte-Metro area has to offer. Help!

    • Thanks, Victoria! Have you asked your photographer for help choosing a location? Across the street from Beaver Dam is a wide open space/field that isn’t connected with the BD property.


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