As promised, here is a peek at a huge project we undertook early this year as a part of the marketing for our new brand.  The planning for it was at least a year in the making, so you can imagine my relief and satisfaction when the finished product was out the door and headed to the post office.

While we had already debuted our new brand online through social media, etc., we wanted to send out something tangible to some vendors and venues in the Charlotte market and beyond to direct them to our new website.  For those we had  not yet worked with, this allowed us to introduce ourselves in hopes that it would serve as a starting point to building a relationship.  For those we already had an existing relationship with, we were able to let them know how grateful we are to know them, as well as share a few images we have photographed from past events they have worked on with us.


+ A handwritten note including a few photographs if applicable

+ A handful of business cards

+ A “packet” of information about our business (mission statement, social media links, etc.)

+ A “you are delightful” cookie by Cake Creamery

VendorBoxes_TheSchultzes_0002 VendorBoxes_TheSchultzes_0003 VendorBoxes_TheSchultzes_0004

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Alexa says:

    What an adorable idea! And so perfect for your branding and everything. I’m sure you got some great responses!


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