It’s here. It’s Launch Week.


Photo by Paige Jones | Hair and makeup by Kymm of Who’s the Fairest
Our new brand is coming this Friday – Valentine’s Day.  We’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time now and we are thrilled that it is finally upon us.  Over the course of the next few days, we’re going to have some fun.  Monday-Wednesday we’ll be giving away some of our favorite items on Instagram.  On Thursday…I can’t even TALK about Thursday yet….you won’t want to miss this.  (Hint: it involves my husband, white tights and a set of feathered wings.)  And Friday, we’ll be hosting a simple contest, in which can win you a free portrait session.  
On to today’s giveaway!  
This past fall, Geoff and I had some very focused conversations related to the heart of our business.  From those conversations grew our mission statement: The Schultzes exist to create art that matters and to genuinely care for people.  Within the second part about caring for people lies our love of giving gifts.  It is only natural that we would celebrate our upcoming launch with a little gift giving.  🙂 
Today’s giveaway is for the lover of all things cozy: 
+ A charcoal colored chunky throw from West Elm.
+ My very favorite candle from Anthropologie (seriously, it’s AMAZING)
+ One of those cute initial mugs…also from Anthropologie
To enter into the drawing for these items, simply locate the post on my Instagram that indicates “Day 1” and then follow the instructions from there.  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Heather Schulman says:

    Can’t wait till I get engaged and you take our photos!

  2. ACK! I would love to win the portrait sesh! We’re actually going to be in Charlotte in late Febs.


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