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AHHHHHHHHH.  LOVED this wedding.  πŸ™‚  
Erin and Dan were married early November in Rock Hill, South Carolina….get this…in the old courtroom located in the Gettys Art Center of downtown Rock Hill.  How cool is that?!  The whole building was originally built in the 1930s as Rock Hill’s Post Office and Courthouse.  We were even able to do their first look in front of the post office boxes. Really loved this.  
Erin and Dan both have such gentle, sweet spirits – being around them is just easy.  Photographing their wedding truly was a joy-filled experience.  A couple of my favorite things from their day:
+ Taking Erin’s picture.  I could have taken her picture all. day. long.  
+ The black, the white and the gold.  It was a lovely spin on a fall wedding.  And, both the ceremony and reception sites complemented their feel and colors of their day perfectly.  Gorgeous – just gorgeous.
+ Erin wore the same earrings that her mother wore on her own wedding day….AND lace from her mom’s veil was used to wrap Erin’s bouquet.  πŸ™‚  
+ Watching Dan dance to “Apache” (Jump On it) by the Sugarhill Gang.  I mean….hilarious.  Ridiculously hilarious (see picture below).
Ceremony location – Courtroom located inside the Gettys Art Center
Reception location – The City Club of Rock Hill
Bride’s dress – Allure Bridals purchased from Wedding Shoppe Inc.
Bride’s shoes – “I Do” by Seychelle’s
Bride’s headpiece/veil – Tessa Kim
Fur stole – Vintage Charlotte
Bridesmaid dresses – David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid hair combs – Mignonne Handmade
Bridesmaid shoes – purchased from DSW
Bouquet brooches – Curran Studios
Hair/Makeup – Katie O’Neil w/ Makeup Your Face
Groom and groomsmen attire – Men’s Wearhouse
Cake/cupcakes – Cake Lady Jill
Cake Topper – Curran Studios
Invitation Suite, programs, signage – designed by bride
Invitations printed by Red Stone Paper
Invitation envelope calligraphy – Ruth Hand
CharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0002.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0003.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0004.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0005.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0006.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0007.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0008.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0009.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0010.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0011.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0012.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0013.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0014.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0015.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0016.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0017.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0018.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0019.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0020.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0021.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0022.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0023.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0024.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0025.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0026.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0027.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0028.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0029.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0030.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0031.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0032.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0033.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0034.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0035.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0036.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0037.jpgCharlotteWeddingPhotographerErinDan_0038.jpgThis is Heidi and Andrew. We are photographing their wedding this coming October.  They don’t look like they are very much fun at all.  πŸ™‚

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. hannah elise says:

    ahhh so gorgeous! love how you can feel their sweetness and gentle personalities thru this images. wonderfully captured, Schutlzes!!

  2. simply stunning. The way they are looking at each other during the ceremony makes my heart melt. πŸ™‚

  3. I absolutely love that black and white image of them standing in the street! Just gorgeous work all around.

  4. Judi Vokes says:

    What a perfect wedding! I love that room at the old government building in RH. these photos are fantastic and look like they could be a spread in Bride Magazine!
    Of course, you are an artist so I am not surprised! Congrat’s you two, Many long happy years ahead for you!

  5. Katie says:

    How lovely!! I think this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!
    Do you use Lightroom? If so, how do you get the “air to look think” In your photos? It’s a warm, vintage look. It just makes the photograph beyond words!

  6. Cheyenne Schultz says:

    Katie – thank you! I used vsco in lightroom and Totally Rad Actions in Photoshop. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚


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