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From time to time ever since we’ve been married, I’ll say something to Geoff about wanting friendships in my daily life that just feel effortless.  That are just really easy.  That you never feel awkward when there is silence.  That you can just throw your kids in the car…everyone still in pajamas…and drive over to throw back some coffee and talk for a few minutes.  That you don’t feel guilt when you get busy and can’t find the time to even send a response to a text…because you know that person understands.  That you can have real, deep conversations and never feel an ounce of judgement.  That you can invite yourself over and not have to feel nervous about outstaying your welcome.  
Mary is one of those people for me…only, she lives in Raleigh.  Scratch that…as of tomorrow, she used to live in Raleigh. πŸ™  
Rewind.  I first met Mary ages ago while in college in California at The University of Redlands.  I think it was something like spring of 2001 and I met her when she joined the sorority that I was a part of.  It wasn’t until my senior year in 2003 that Mary and I became really close when our apartments were located literally across the street from one another.  Our time together was spent embarking on one shenanigan after another.  I would tell you some stories, but you would certainly judge me.  πŸ™‚
Quite a few years after I had graduated, moved across the country, gotten married and had started this business, Mary and I reconnected and she had Geoff and I photograph her Bahamas wedding.  She married the most fantastic Irish man…sweet Niall.  And then the best thing happened….I don’t really know how…but somehow, Mary and Niall ended up moving to and living in Raleigh, NC for Niall’s job.  Not even a three hour drive away, we found ourselves getting together for semi-regular visits through the years.
I can’t effectively express the gravity of my gratefulness that is found in this continued friendship with my friend, Mary.  I love her…dearly.  I won’t lie…my heart broke a little when Niall recently landed a new job in Chicago, IL.  I mean, I truly couldn’t be more excited for them as they take off to find their way on this next adventure as a family, but from the bottom of my heart will miss having her so near to me.  
Mary, let’s always be friends.  Okay?  Love you, sweet friend. 
P.S. go have a look at Mary’s photography website found HERE.  πŸ™‚

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. hannah elise says:

    this is so sweet and heartfelt. love what you wrote about her. we all need those friends we can be really be ‘real’ with. and hey, chicago is pretty close to Iowa…so if/when you visit her and want to take a detour, your little family is always welcome to stay with us in the beautiful Amana Colonies. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ [we have guest rooms!]

  2. Lisa S says:

    I love this post! My college best friend and I have this exact relationship.


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