Boone Turns Three

The Schultzes


This past Saturday, our little sheep turned three.  Every year, Geoff puts together a little edit from the previous year…and every year I am incredibly grateful for his sweet life.  Happy birthday, Boone.  We love you!  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. LD Thompson says:

    Oh. My. THIS. Incredible..

  2. Michelle says:

    This is amazing. It literally brought tears to my eyes. What a treasure!

  3. hayley parker says:

    So sweet. You guys are the best parents.

  4. Nancy Ray says:

    First of all, how in the world is he 3 already? Secondly, this is just so beautiful. We have so much to learn from you guys when it’s our turn to raise a family. Love y’all and love your little sheep!!!

  5. Jennie says:

    So good. Your videos always make me cry.

  6. the dinosaurs on the porch!!! i love this.

  7. Mary says:

    Oh my. So incredible! That clip of him with his backpack on waving. THE SWEETEST.

  8. MacKenzie says:

    Oh my gosh, you guys. Lucky kiddos you have! This is beyond fantastic. Love it (and especially a big fan of your intro!)

  9. haley says:

    heavens. this is so special.

  10. hannah says:

    Oh man these always make me cry. One day when I’m in Charlotte I need to meet your two sweet ones! Can’t believe my henry will be 3 in a few months… Such beautiful footage of a beautiful boy.

  11. Marylou says:

    This is so adorable, can’t imagine how cool it will be for him to see this when he’s grown. Awesome parents!

  12. Karin says:

    This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I am not kidding. Wow. I love him. Sincerely, a total stranger. : )

  13. Kathryn Snead says:

    Stop it. These videos always make me cry. Love that kid so much. Happy 3rd Boone!!

  14. Jenny J Cook says:

    Per usual, this vid is amazing. So touching. What a wonderful keepsake for him. 🙂

  15. Bobbie Brown says: I have no words! Incredible! LOVE it! SO beautiful! Okay, I did find some words..

  16. Steph Pulliam says:


  17. Melissa Tuck says:

    When we have kids, can y’all follow us around and make one of these? 🙂 This video is beautiful and so cleverly put together. Those clips of him in the carseat smiling…heart melted.

  18. Megan Gielow says:

    I love watching these every year. Boone is the cutest!!!!!! Old Pine is one of my fave songs of the year (and thrift shop too!) Great work as always 🙂

  19. Summer Nunn says:

    I am amazed at the way you capture your preious son’s years… SUCH a special way to remember allt he ways the Lord blesses you as a family! Happy 3rd birthday, Boone! 🙂

  20. Linda homenagem dos papais!!.. Adorei o video!!!

  21. alexa stutts says:

    how beautiful 🙂 I need to get better about doing some video of Noah as he grows up! I already can’t believe how different he is now than when he was first born. You’ve inspired me to start doing more video of our beautiful everyday life!

  22. Sabrina B. says:

    Why am I crying??? I love this!!!!!


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