to geoff on father’s day

The Schultzes

Last night Geoff took me out to dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  Over chicken parm and shrimp caesar salad, we took turns telling of the things that we were grateful for.  After sharing things like being grateful for fingernails and cheesecake, I looked at Geoff and told him how grateful I am that he is such a great daddy to Boone.  And I meant it with everything that I am.


This man has been a wonderful father since the beginning – since that first cuddle with him the day he was born.  Through the sleepless nights, the grueling feeding schedule, the dirty diapers, dealing with the hormonal and emotional mother…he was so involved and served Boone and I so well during that time.  
GeoffFathersDay2012_0002.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0003.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0004.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0005.jpgHe has given this child endless amounts of love….through the smiles and laughs, the kisses, the bath-giving, the story-reading.
GeoffFathersDay2012_0006.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0007.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0008.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0009.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0010.jpgAs Boone has grown, Geoff has continued to be an amazing dad.  He’s been there to teach him new things, to hug him when he’s hurt or upset, to cuddle him when he’s sick.  He helps him eat with a fork, he chases him at the park and he brushes his hair and teeth at bedtime.  And patient….goodness, is he patient.  
GeoffFathersDay2012_0012.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0013.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0014.jpgWhen I watch them together, I can see how much comfort, love, trust Boone sees and feels with his daddy.  
GeoffFathersDay2012_0015.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0016.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0017.jpgGeoffFathersDay2012_0018.jpgI truly couldn’t ask for anything more out of the father of my child.  
Geoff – thank you for being such an involved, loving, consistent daddy.  Boone and I are so grateful for you and love you incredibly.  Always will.
Happy Father’s Day!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Susannah S says:

    What a lucky little boy 🙂 So touching! Happy Fathers Day to you both.

  2. Hannah Elise says:

    so, so sweet. love all the everyday moments you captured in all these shots. thats what life is all about.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet. Happy Father’s Day Geoff!!

  4. Hayley says:

    These are such beautiful images – all of them. Thanks so much for sharing, Cheyenne! Happy Father’s Day, Geoff!

  5. Mary says:

    So, so beautiful. xoxo

  6. Jenny J Cook says:

    Touching post. Love it. Happy Father’s Day to Geoff! P.S. Boone is the cutest.

  7. Dana Mackay says:

    This post totally filled my heart. Love these pics. 🙂 Hope you guys had a super Father’s Day!

  8. Stephanie says:

    BEAUTIFUL post.

  9. kcc says:

    These pictures are unreal. What an amazing gift to have all these sweet, everyday moments captured forever! I’m all choked up!

  10. Nancy Ray says:

    I hope I am as intentional as you are (one day) about capturing those I love most. You’ve done an incredible job documenting Boone’s life and his relationship with Geoff. Such moving images – so, so sweet. Happy Father’s Day, Geoff!

  11. april walker says:

    gosh these images are priceless! thanks for sharing a bit of your story with the world & hopefully you can inspire more father’s to be so loving & caring for their little ones. beautiful post!

  12. oh my these pictures are beautiful! I LOVE the rubber ducky bath tub!


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