Charlotte Wedding – Izzy and Lane – Part One



This wedding – Izzy and Lane’s wedding – was. a. dream. Truly, everything about it was beyond beautiful.  The color palette, Izzy’s dress, the succulents…and on and on and on.  You’ll see what I mean the further you scroll. πŸ™‚
Just a few of my favorite moments from their day:
– Izzy slipped into her dress on in another room from her – count them – FIFTEEN bridesmaids….it was just her sisters and mom with her, which was a special time as it was.  But then, as the doors opened back into the main room where the girls where waiting and they caught sight of Izzy, their mouths dropped open and gasped.  I loved it.  πŸ™‚
– The moment Lane saw Izzy driving up in her step-dad and brother’s restored car for their first look.  I can only imagine the anticipation of seeing his beautiful bride round the corner….BEAMING at him.  Once he saw her, his hands flew up in the air a little….like he was startled.  It was precious.  I loved the look in his eyes and the sweet smile on his face as she walked up to him.  
– As they exchanged wedding gifts on the trunk of the car, their heads neared in toward one another and they just rested quietly reading the words that the other had written.  The tenderness they have to each other is so touching – seeing them together made my heart swell.  
After I initially picked out 67 favorites, I knew I would be splitting this into a two part blog post.  So, for now, enjoy part one and be sure to check back tomorrow for their rustic, but modern (say what?!  yes….and it was awesome) reception at the Mint Museum Uptown.  
Reception – Mint Museum Uptown
Wedding Planner/Stylist/Invitations – Becoming Madeline Event Planning & Design
Hair – Amanda of The Blo Out Bar
Makeup – Julie Stepp
Bride’s gown – Pronovias purchased from New York Bride and Groom
Bridesmaids dresses – J.Crew
Florals – Lynette of The Bloom Room
Videographer – Caravan Cinema Co.
Cake – Edible Art
Band – Groovetown
Catering – La-Tea-Da’s
MintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0024.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0025.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0026.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0027.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0028.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0029.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0031.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0032.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0033.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0034.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0035.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0036.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0037.jpgMintMuseumWedding_IzzyLane__0039.jpgTheir first look.  πŸ™‚

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Sarah Fuller says:

    Absolutely stunning! You captured one of the most important days for our family in the most extraordinary way! Thank you!

  2. These photos are unreal…..excited for tomorrow already!

  3. Shepard Daniel says:

    Amaaazzzzing! The photos capture the overwhelming feeling of that day: JOY JOY JOY!! Thank you Cheyenne and Geoff!

  4. Maddie Phillips says:

    Cheyenne & Geoff are the best of the best in wedding photography. Without having to set aside gobs of time away from the festivities to be in front of the camera, they captured everything authentically; genuinely…as it was happening. Thank you for being a part of Lane & Izzy’s special weekend and sharing your rockstar talents with us. Your love for each other and the Lord is contagious.

  5. Nancy Ray says:

    Love these!!! The ones of them reading their cards at the first look are priceless. I know Maddie (Izzy’s sister) from college & got to meet Izzy once… all I can say is I KNOW it was an incredible wedding because those two sisters are so special & there share an amazing bond. And 15 bridesmaids?! That is awesome!!

  6. Kim Spears says:

    My oh my do I love these images !!! You guys are such an inspiration πŸ™‚

  7. Jessie Smith says:

    one of my favorite first look reactions ever πŸ™‚ they seem like such a sweet couple!


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