Seven Mile Miracle – Easter 2012 at Elevation Church



32 worship experiences across our 6 locations in Charlotte for Seven Mile Miracle.  Easter 2012 at our church was incredible.  Such an honor to be a part.
ElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0002.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0003.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0004.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0005.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0006.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0007.jpgElevationChurch_SevenMileMiracle_0008.jpgThis bus full of people came all the way from Toronto….as in, Toronto, CANADA….for Easter at Elevation.  Incredible.  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. these are awesome!! what a powerful weekend. so glad you were there to capture these.

  2. TJ says:

    Elevation is so cool! And your pictures capture it so well. My favorite is the bus picture–so vibrant!
    I can’t use the word “so” enough! I SO love what you and Elevation are doing in Charlotte! =)


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