Angus Barn Wedding – Megan and Chris



A dream venue.  A joyful first look.  Ceremony by candlelight.  Roasting marshmallows over the fire pit.  A love like you wouldn’t believe.  Megan and Chris’s wedding day was definitely a favorite of ours.  THEY are a favorite of ours.
Can I just say….I was so relieved when Megan told me just a couple of days before their wedding that they had decided to do a first look?  Mostly because I knew that it would be pitch black dark by the time the ceremony was over and that we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the rustic, wooded grounds of the Angus Barn.  So yeah – my heart leapt when she told me the news.  🙂
My heart felt fuller as I watched Megan and Chris together on their wedding day.  Megan giddy as she put on her dress and BEAMING as she anticipated seeing Chris for the first time.  Chris holding her tightly and adoringly as they slow danced together at their reception.  Just a couple of kids getting married – their whole life ahead of them.  Nostalgia swept over me like you wouldn’t believe.  Completely overcome with emotion.
These moments in life are so precious.  Goodness, life is so special.
Ceremony/Reception Location – Angus Barn
Hair and Makeup – Stacie Snipes
Hairpiece – JujaCrafts on Etsy
Bridesmaid dresses – David’s Bridal
Guy’s suits – Calvin Klein
Cufflinks – Chris Leader on Etsy (the Groom!)
Flowers – Cindy Finger and Aldena Frye (Megan’s MOM!)
Cake Topper – Nadia of ReadyGo on Etsy
Photobooth – Shutterbooth
Invitations – Bella Figura
String quartet – Musica
AngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0004.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0005.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0006.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0007.jpgTheir first look.  🙂
AngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0008.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0009.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0010.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0011.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0013.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0014.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0015.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0016.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0017.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0018.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0019.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0020.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0021.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0023.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0024.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0025.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0026.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0027.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0028.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0029.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0030.jpgA favorite moment of mine – Megan and Chris in their own world together in the middle of the dance floor.  
AngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0031.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0033.jpgAngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0034.jpgMy shot.
AngusBarnWedding_MeganChris_0035.jpgGeoff’s shot.  
Megan and Chris….love you guys.  Do keep in touch.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Paige Jones says:

    LOVE this. great images. gorgeous details.

  2. Jamie Staggs says:

    GORGEOUS!! this is one of the prettiest weddings i’ve seen at the angus barn! and that cake… WOW! love seeing your blog posts!!

  3. Emma Patti says:

    These are amazing! Megan, you look gorgeous!

  4. Kacey says:


  5. Maria José de Barros Mullaney says:


  6. Nancy Ray says:

    I have been waiting for this wedding to be posted! Love love love! I graduated with Megan from HS and she is so beautiful, inside and out. Congrats Megan and Chris on a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful life together. Amazing job, Geoff and Cheyenne, as usual 🙂 xoxo!

  7. Kelley Hurtt says:

    Absolutely beautiful and amazing, as always!

  8. Megan says:

    Cheyenne and Geoff, I cannot tell you how much these photos mean to us. I can’t stop looking at them, and I keep alternating between tears and giant giddy smiles. Thank you for beautifully capturing the best moments of our day, and for seriously being the best photographers we could ever ask for! You are our favorites! 🙂 xoxo times a million!

  9. Diane says:

    The arbor is incredible and the lights strung throughout the room is beautiful! Did you make the arbor? We are looking for something similar for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. If you made it, do you mind sharing how it is made? Thank you!


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