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Confession.  I’m a baby blog stalker.  Who’s with me?  
You know the blogs I’m talking about – the one’s that meticulously document their kid’s and personal lives….pictures and stories galore about day-to-day life of marriage and babies.  Not going to lie – I’m a little jealous.  And lately, I’ve felt a little (lot) of mama guilt…specifically related to my lack of picture taking of my kid.  
It’s not like I haven’t taken ANY pictures of him for the past few months…but I’ve slacked on getting out my “real” camera and have relied on my phone and the handy-dandy instagram app as my camera crutch. 
Yesterday was a “mama day” (as is today – Boone is currently napping), which meant Boone stayed home with me instead of going to “school” (read: his friend Landin’s house, which he goes twice a week so I can have dedicated work days).  I made it a point to get out the camera and shoot some stuff of him just doing his thing.  Thought I’d share some of his “night night” time.  Bath, books and bed.  


This was the moment before he dumped a FULL Carolina Panthers cup full of water all over the floor.  The floor that I was sitting on.  Sweet little thing, ain’t he?

NightNightWithBoone_0005.jpgNothing better than a freshly clean baby in bear pj’s.

NightNightWithBoone_0006.jpgThis is his favorite book – his choo-choo train book that his daddy bought him as a welcome home present when we returned from our trip to California.  Sometimes he makes me read it four times in a row.
NightNightWithBoone_0007.jpg7pm.  Paci time.  The kid is obsessed with pacifiers.  He has his stuffed lion and monster (Leonard and Anderson) in bed, but much prefers his 6-7 pacis that he sleeps with as his security items.  What he doesn’t know is that we are about to say a permanent goodbye to the pacis…the time is coming.  
And yes, he sleeps in a pack-n-play…in his closet.  We moved this past weekend into a month-to-month condo until we can find a more permanent home to live.  We put most of our things in a pod to be stored….including his crib….including his curtains, which block out the light in his room.  So, we improvise.  πŸ™‚
I’ll leave you with some of my favorite baby blogs:
The Fortunate Plight – our past client/current friend Jenn and her life with husband Brad and baby boy Dyce Danger Davis.  Love them.  
Letters from Lala – our dear friend – Lauren.  She’s a fantastic mother, wife, friend, designer, photographer, dog/cat mama.  Her baby girl – Anna – is too cute for words. 
At Home with Genevieve – this is my future friend, Janae – her husband just came on staff at the church with Geoff.  I JUST found her blog the other day and I’m already craving her next post.  Her curly red haired baby girl, Genevieve, is just a month older than our Boone, so it’s fun to see how similar/different they are from one another.  
Where’s the Zoom – another dear friend – Mary.  Mary and I went to college in California together.  She met an Irish man, married him and had 2 baby boys.  I’ve really loved seeing her photography blossom through her new blog.
Dear Baby – I don’t know Melissa, but have definitely gotten sucked into her life as a working mama with 2 babies.  
Boho Baby Bump – Jess – another person I have yet to meet (although, we do live in the same city and have the same circle of friends), but follow her life.  Her boy was born just a couple of days after Boone…so, again, it’s fun to compare them.  She’s currently pregnant with baby #2.
Dare I ask for MORE blogs to follow – what baby/life blogs are your favorites?

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. marie says:

    you’re not alone! the absolutely fab timmerman family is from charlotte (though if you look now you’ll see that they’ve been in france). check out!

  2. Melissa Tuck says:

    He’s getting so big! LOVE this post.

  3. Jenn Davis says:

    I love the pictures of his hair all slicked back!

  4. Katie Langton says:

    I am obsessed with Enjoying the Small Things… — If you start with the birth story of Nella you will be hooked. AND, I love the pictures of Boone. Too cute πŸ™‚

  5. Aaahhh love this post. You know I am a blog stalker, to a FAULT! And I am incredibly honored to be on your list : ) Some others you will love:

  6. Janae' Britt says:

    Haha hi future friend πŸ˜‰ Thanks for including me. I’m a full-on baby blog stalker, too. I second Enjoying the Small Things — i’ve been reading since Nella was born, too.
    I think we all struggle with the momma guilt, no matter how many pictures we take of our littles. Plus, I think mine thinks my camera is part of my facial structure. She’s probably so confused…. πŸ˜›
    Loving the adorable pictures of Boone. Next time, I want to take part in the Boone/Genevieve babysitting fun πŸ™‚

  7. Paige Jones says:

    If you haven’t already, you should check out — Ryan Marshall is a photographer and he documents his life as a father REALLY well. Really neat stuff on his blog. LOVE the images of Boone – hope you guys get settled somewhere quickly!

  8. Emily Luther says:

    how do you happen to make even the most random of places like a bathtub look oh-so amazing!? teach me your ways!

  9. jess says:

    ah!!! i follow you too! haha. you gotta come to my case this saturday! we are having that blogger meet up thingy there! i want to meet you!!!!

  10. Your baby sleeps in a closet. This is why I love you.

  11. Precious! I love your take on everyday life! I am 37 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to start blogging about the real thing, although writing about the anticipation is fun too πŸ™‚ One of my favorite mom/life blogs is: …they are missionaries in Haiti at a pregnancy center. Enjoy!

  12. Danielle says:

    I love stalking blogs- especially ones with pretty pictues like yours, but when they are of kids it’s even better! My little man (22 mo) has the same jammies and he is crazy in the bath too!

  13. Jenny J Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing pics of Boone and all of his *cuteness*. :))

  14. My 16 month old son has those same jammies…I think they’re my favorite of his

  15. Danielle Smith says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE your work. I am also a baby blog stalker and I am obsessed with Kerianne Brown and the daily photos she posts of her son. Her work is definitely worth checking out. You can find her work here: I’m looking forward to following your beautiful work.


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