Welcome Baby Harvey and Baby Jackson!


What a great day!  I got to visit TWO very new and very cute babies at the hospital today.  
The first is Baby Harvey.  He was born yesterday morning to our friends Mack and Meredith.  🙂


And the second is Baby Jackson.  He was born this morning to our friends Dawn and Jamil – five weeks early, but perfectly healthy!  Dawn had the same due date for Jackson as I did with Boone – September 16th.  
It’s funny because last night I had tweeted that I was editing a bunch of maternity photos before the babies in their mama’s bellies were born…..I lose.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. so cute! that’s awesome that you got to shoot some pictures of them right away

  2. star atherton says:

    WOW! What adorable little angels! And,the pictures are fantastic!They are lucky to have such a talented photographer/friend!

  3. Karen / Mom / Grandmom / Friend says:

    Awe…too cute..what a great day.

  4. jon herwerth says:

    Awesome blessings for the faithful. So beautiful and special.


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