August Goals


Blogging my monthly goals late has just become a bad habit.  Oh well.

Here’s how I did for July:
1.  Lose five pounds.  I did this, but then have already gained a few back.  So this one’s going back on for August.
2.  Get lawn care set up.  Done!  Our yard is looking great!
3.  Mid-year follow up on 2011 goals.  Didn’t do this, but still want to.  Will do in August.
4.  Baby proof the house.  Semi-done.  Had to wait to order magnetic latches.  The regular one’s were threatening to split the cabinet wood when we tried to install them.
5.  Date night.  Done!  Super fun – dinner and a movie.  
6.  Email my butt off.  Yes…always.
Here’s my August goals:
1.  Lose five pounds.
2.  Mid-year follow up on 2011 goals.  
3.  Finish baby proofing the house.
4.  Another date…would love to do this monthly.  Hopefully happening this weekend.  Anyone have any fun ideas for dates?
5.  Finish our new pricing information guide.  Excited for this project.  It’s just super tedious.
6.  Celebrate our Boone’s FIRST BIRTHDAY (8/24).  We’ve decided to not have a party (which I’m trying not to feel guilty about), but will definitely be giving him a party hat and his own cake to smash into…as well as will be singing to him and taking a bunch of cute pictures.  Geoff is hoping to take the day off from work so the three of us can go out and do something fun together.  Can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!
7.  Shoot hundreds of people getting baptized at our church.  I shot this past weekend and will do it again this coming…can’t wait.  πŸ™‚
8.  Have our pictures taken.  Yes….AGAIN.  Our friend’s Kristen and Aaron Byrum are raising money for a mission trip by doing photo shoots, so we wanted to support them.  Looking forward to getting in front of their camera!  
One other accomplishment that wasn’t listed formally as a goal was to get an updated sample album.  Our size huge sample was from a wedding I second shot in spring of 2008.  I would cringe anytime a prospective client would look through it!  Here’s an iPhone pic of the new beast (12×16…it’s huge).  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Julie Rae says:

    Is that the metal cover? Love the image you picked!

  2. thanks, julie! it’s the acrylic cover!

  3. Jenn Davis says:

    Love it….i’ll take this one off your hands when you finish with it! πŸ™‚

  4. Can’t wait to photograph you guys and your cutie! Thanks for helping send us to Uganda!!!! xoxo


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