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I think it was mid-November that I came across a facebook post by Rachel Barker of Millie Holloman Photography announcing that she would be offering mini-sessions in December to help support her trip to mission trip to Ghana.  And of course, we jumped at the chance for a follow-up session with Rachel since she shot our maternity pictures last summer.  We couldn’t be happier with them.  Thank you so much, Rachel!  
(you don’t a little drool, right?) 🙂
rachelmillie_0002.jpgrachelmillie_0003.jpgrachelmillie_0004.jpgrachelmillie_0005.jpgrachelmillie_0006.jpgrachelmillie_0007.jpgThis one is my absolute favorite and will eventually be put up on a canvas on our wall.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Rachelle Westbrook says:

    Your family is beautiful, Cheyenne! I love the pictures!!

  2. Amy Martin says:

    I love these. And gah… that little Boone…. Mia says she claims him. Hopefully, he’ll like the older ladies. 😉

  3. Lindsay says:

    Oh my goodness!!! The pictures are beautiful!!!

  4. y’all just make people wanna smile looking at you – so contagious. beautiful family girl!

  5. I’m in LOVE with the train tracks location! Great CLT skyline. What neighborhood is it?!

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks everyone!
    melissa – it’s next to NoDa..on 16th street. 🙂

  7. cindy lou says:

    eyebrow raises and mouth bubbles is perfection! i love these!

  8. Kristen says:

    You guys are so cute and boone’s eyes are just perfect!

  9. jenifriend says:

    stop it with that beautifulness…just stop it.
    new to your blog – y’all are sensational! *waving from kansas*

  10. Whitney says:

    You too are too adorable – cutest family ever! AndI agree – that last photo is more than canvas-worthy! Beautiful!

  11. Karen MOM Grandmom says:

    My bubble blowing grandson has filled the Schultz specialty of bubble blowing perfection. George DAD Grandpop is so proud. You guys are so cute! Love you love you and I thank
    God for technology. I would be so heartbroken to have been living these past few years without it!

  12. Kirsten says:

    I love all of the hats he wears, they’re adorable!!

  13. Kristin V says:

    Entirely beautiful. Boone…gosh, I could just eat him up!! He truly is a handsome little guy! xo

  14. Kristin V says:

    Entirely beautiful. Boone…gosh, I could just eat him up!! He truly is a handsome little guy! xo

  15. Chris McGinn says:

    Just thinking about when you did our baby shoot (I think it was your first?) with little Jude at 6 weeks. He is about to turn 3! So happy for you and Geoff. If anyone should be bringing little souls into the world it is the two of you! All the best!


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