Goals…lots of goals.


First, a look at what we accomplished in the year two thousand and ten.  Because this post is going to be insanely long, I’ll just list the 2010 goals that we met.  It doesn’t seem like much, but considering we succeeded in growing a baby for 9 months, giving birth to him and learning to take care of him for the past four months….I’d say things stacked up pretty darn well.  🙂
2010 – Business
1.  Get a bookkeeper and new CPA.
2.  Buy the 35 1.4 lens.
3.  Get a wedding featured in The Knot and one in Unveiled.
4.  Rebrand our business.
5.  Get a new blog.
6.  Get new online proofing.
7.  Update our website.
8.  Go to one workshop.
9.  Raise our prices to start at $3000.
2010 – Family/Personal/Other
1.  Shoot baby pictures for our friends David and Lara.
2.  Have our friends Abbey and Todd over for dinner.
3.  Paint our hallway and guest bedrooms.
4.  Have our pictures taken.
5.  Take a vacation.
And for two thousand and eleven – let’s do this!

2011 – Business
1.  Recreate our current pricing guide into booklet form (and raise our prices in the process)
2.  Update our album samples.
3.  Re-read Millie Holloman’s Get It Together Kit and decide which pieces I’d like to implement into our business.
4.  Update our website images.  Hasn’t been done in a year.  Excited to get our most recent work on there.
5.  Get promo videos done by this guy and this guy.
6.  Write a mission and values statement.
7.  Finish watching Mike Colon’s DVD’s that I bought years ago.
8.  Work out submitting our work to magazines and blogs into our regular workflow.
9.  Get our work published HERE, HEREHERE and HERE.
10.  Implement a new product (top secret for now).
11.  Read Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer (have always wanted to read this).
12.  Develop a list of potential blog topics and start blogging more regularly.  Will be asking for your help on this.
13.  Re-consider outsourcing our raw processing again.
14.  Write an intern description and get an intern.
15.  Complete all pending 2009 + 2010 albums.
16.  Get new print packaging.  
17.  Update our client agreement.
18.  Consider offering fusion videos as a product.
19.  Shoot limited numbers of maternity/newborn sessions (dependent on season).
20.  Rent lenses and decide which to purchase.
21.  Send all of our equipment in to Canon for servicing.
2011 – Family/Personal/Other
1.  Design and order our wedding album…I mean…it’s only been 3+ years.  🙂
2.  Finish house projects – includes painting the rooms that still need painting.  Bleh.  I think I hate painting.
3.  Assess our student loan debt and knock out a big chunk of it.
4.  Design and order our friend’s – Julie and Eric – album.
5.  Keep up to date w/ Boone’s baby book.
6.  Take a vacation – possibly up the east coast during the fall to see the leaves.  
7.  Lose baby weight….and then some.
8.  Finish reading the Twilight series.
9.  Re-read my favorite book – Redeeming Love.
10.  Find an awesome nanny (part-time) for Boone.
11.  Take trip to Savannah, GA….our favorite.
12.  Begin designing/printing our yearly life coffee table books.
13.  Re-visit the Grove Park Inn Spa…this will be in October…before or after we shoot a wedding there!
14.  Take pictures of my nephews – Brody and Isaiah – when we visit California this spring.
15.  Pray nightly for Boone and our family.
16.  Regularly volunteer as a photographer for Elevation.
17.  Get prints/canvases of our family pictures.
18.  Get Boone to sleep through the night…this one’s a biggie right now…I’m one tired woman.
19. Learn how to make an insane pumpkin spice latte…just as good as Starbucks.  I just can’t wait until next October.  :/
20.  Have date night every other week.
21.  Get a fence for the backyard.
And there you have it.  🙂  Here’s to a ridiculously awesome year.
To highlight goal #9 under Business…this past summer, one of our ring shots was published in Volume III of one of our favorite wedding planning magazines – Southern Weddings.  Next time, we’d love to get a full wedding published.  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. SouthernWeddings is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I TOTALLY know you guys will do it. I’d love to see you featured in such a delightful publication!

  2. I’ll help you paint and help you with your date nights – we can always watch Boone for you one night out of the month:)

  3. Hannah R. says:

    I love how you post your goals. In fact, I’m a copycat because I just did the same thing on my blog. It helps me to see them in black and white and to know that at least a few other people have read them as well – keeps me motivated.
    And I love your photography. It blows me away every time.

  4. Kim Spears says:

    You inspired me to finish my goals for 2011, so thanks for that kick in the butt 😉 Loved reading yours too. We have lots in common in our lists 🙂

  5. Kelsey Tice says:

    Can I be your intern AND nanny?? 🙂

  6. erin says:

    number 14 under business? i can totally help you out with that! 😉 congrats on the publication!

  7. How inspiring!
    I need to finish my own wedding album too!! (It’s been about a year and 3 months for me and I’ve got it mostly designed but still haven’t ordered. shameful for a photographer!)


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