December Goals



Hello December.  

Okay, so I’m a bit late in posting my December goals, but I wanted to nonetheless.  
First, here’s how things stacked up from my November goals:

1.  Set up/organize the nursery.  Done!  
2.  Order albums.  Almost finished – just one more in progress.
3.  Get fully caught up with editing.  What in the world was I thinking that I could be finished in November?
4.  Lose 5 pounds. Did this, but I’m pretty certain I’ve gained it back in the past week.  I’m afraid to weigh myself.  I’ve decided to be realistic and begin Operation Lose Baby Weight starting in January.      
And now, for December…
1.  Finish decorating the house – the only other thing I really want to do is get my single strand of colored lights up in our bedroom.  It’s something I’ve done since I was little.  I love falling asleep at night with them glowing in the window.
2.  Write up my 2011 personal and business goals.
3.  Evaluate my 2010 goals to see where things landed.
4.  Get client gifts sent out.
5.  Shoot pic/design christmas card.
6.  Complete all 2010 editing/pending albums.  I’m almost there. 
7.  Have family pictures taken.
8.  Finish up house projects to prep for a potential renter (this involves painting three bathrooms….ugh).
9.  Shoot some awesome stuff for Elevation’s Christmas Eve services.  This year there will be 18 opportunities spread across our 4 campuses and 3 different days to attend.  Get the info HERE.
My list is exhausting me just looking at it.  Oh well – here goes nothing.  Happy December, everyone!  🙂
***I picked these up from Urban Outfitters after last Christmas for super cheap – was excited to pull them out this year and string them up on our o
ffice wall!***    


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. You should try – I’ve been using that and working out for 30 minutes a day on the elliptical – burning around 500 calories. I’ve lost a ton of weight and I’m feeling great:)

  2. Cheyenne says:

    thanks for the tip, rachel! 🙂

  3. Clair says:

    Or Cheyenne… keep on nursing. For burning 500-600 calories 🙂 That i find is easier than working out with a new baby. sigh…


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