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Seven weeks.   SEVEN WEEKS have passed since I had my little Boone guy.  Now that I have all of my wedding work caught up, it’s time to backtrack a bit to share a bit about my baby boy….although, I guess this blog post is more about me and what I went through…physically and spiritually.   And since our blog isn’t just a blog about photography, but about our life, I thought I’d share.

It’s no secret that I had a hard time with my pregnancy or that I was scared of motherhood.  As I have mentioned before on this blog, finding out I was pregnant was the greatest shock of my life.  I hated practically every part of being pregnant and wasn’t really looking forward to his arrival (sad, but true).

I’ll begin my story at the doctor’s office on Monday – August 23rd .  After discovering that my blood pressure was slightly high,
my midwife sent me over to have my blood work taken just to be on the safe side.  Up until this point for the previous couple of weeks I had had on again/off again swollen feet, blurry vision, and was vomiting.  In leaving that appointment, for some reason I just KNEW that I wasn’t going to make it to my due date.  Actually, I had a terrible feeling that I wouldn’t even make it until Thursday of that week even when our new carpet was to be installed. I cried myself to sleep that evening.

On the morning of Tuesday, August 24th, I was sitting on my couch editing a wedding and watching Full House when the phone rang.  I was three and a half weeks out from my due date – not only did I still have a ton of editing left to complete before he was born, but not a THING was ready for our baby’s arrival.  When my midwife told me
on the phone that morning that my blood work results from the previous day had revealed that I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome and that I would need to deliver that same day, I flipped out. I was SO not ready.  The test results showed that my platelet count was super low at 79 (normal levels are between 150-400) and my liver functions were a mess….the only thing we
could do to get me better was delivery.

Upon arrival to the hospital, it was soon determined by my midwife and doctor that since I wasn’t dilated hardly at all, there was no time to induce labor and deliver naturally –  a C-section was necessary right then.  I think at this point I was still hoping that everything would magically get better and that I would be sent home.  Nope – wasn’t going to happen.

Since I was going to be completely put out, I was told that Geoff wouldn’t be able to be with me for the surgery.  Considering how freaked out I was about all that was happening, this was devastating.  I cried from the moment I was wheeled into the operating
room until the moment I was put out by the anesthesia.  The only thing that kept me from hyperventilating was my midwife at my side holding my hand. Boone was born at 6:26pm weighing 7lbs. 10oz. and measuring at 20 inches long. Even though he was born a little premature, he was perfect in every way.

I’m so glad I have these pictures of Geoff with our baby following the delivery – thank you, Candice and Daniel!

Everything following the c-section that evening is a big blur – let’s just say I pushed that little button for more morphine more than I probably should have.

Here’s a couple more shots from Candice and Daniel:

The following evening – Wednesday – my labs revealed that despite delivering the baby, my platelets were continuing to drop (they were down to 26) and my liver functioning was not improving.  We were told that they would be drawing my labs again that next morning, but that if my platelet count got down to 20, I would need a transfusion.

That night will probably go down as the lowest point of my life. Looking back, this was probably pretty irrational, but I was petrified that I wouldn’t live. I can remember lying in my hospital bed in what I called “the hole” (we were placed in a “high risk” room next to the nurse’s station – it happened to have no windows, was super small, and had no phone service or internet access)….Geoff was to my side sleeping on his bed/chair.  Before he had gone to sleep he turned on our iTunes “labor playlist” on his phone to comfort me.  It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep.  I lie there crying in the dark….scared for my life.

It was in those moments – with Hillsong’s “With Everything” playing softly from Geoff’s phone – that peace….real, genuine peace….swept over me.  I finally….FINALLY…let go.  I prayed to God and let him know that I was laying everything down at His feet and was in complete surrender to Him with what He wanted to do with my life.  I had fought His plan for me for the past nine months of pregnancy and had been stressed, scared, doubtful, worried throughout the delivery process up until that point….but finally, I was able to give it all up and let His way unfold with open arms.  This was such a huge moment of rededication for me – I had felt so distant from Him and had my back turned to Him for such a long time.

Along with that peace and surrender came an overwhelming feeling of absolute love and feeling of connection for my little boy… was the first time that I felt a real desire for him to be my son.  I pleaded with God to just give me the chance to be his mother.

Wouldn’t you know it….after drawing my labs that next morning, we got awesome news.  My count was up to 33 and my liver was doing much better.  PRAISE GOD.  You have NO idea how thankful I was.  From there, I was on the mend – headed in the right direction.  I even was able to leave “the hole” that day and be transferred to an actual postpartum room….with windows!

So here I am – seven weeks out and am a blessed, blessed lady.  I just can’t tell you how very much in love I am with this kid.

I know I had to go through all of that for a purpose.  I can see now how God was in complete control the whole time and was using everything to steer me back to Him.  I also know that through these trials that He carried me through, he was showing me what a
great blessing this baby was for my life.

***Special thanks to:

– Candice and Daniel of The Beautiful Mess for taking pictures of Boone’s first 30 minutes of life.

– Our friend and doula Dawn Massey of Her Labor of Love for dropping everything to meet us at the hospital. If you need a doula – call her!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Alyse says:

    Love this. Love you guys. You are da bomb mama Schultz!!

  2. thank you for sharing your story. transparent and genuine. it’s in the brokenness that we see His faithfulness the most. and it is in His faithfulness that He is glorified to those around us.
    may His love flood your days.

  3. Boone is such a cute little guy! Pregnancy and labor definitely make for an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Our boy Ethan was born, on the 23rd at 6:27pm and weighed 7lbs 10oz. Strangely similar.
    These are a beautiful se of images and we can’t wait to see more! Congrats you three!

  4. Hannah says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been following your blog for a while and adore your photography. It’s neat to get to know the photographers behind the images, too. I appreciate your openess to share what God has/is doing in your heart and life. How I can relate! Isn’t He just so full of grace and mercy??? It boggles my mind that He loves me like He does. Blessings to the three of you!

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you for posting this – I love your honesty, and love your story of rededication! Boone is 100% beautiful and blessed to have you!

  6. Rae Barnes says:

    I know I don’t know you at all (apart from reading your blog occasionally), but I totally teared up reading this. What a blessing!! All for the Glory of Our Father who loves us beyond what we can imagine. So glad you both are healthy now.

  7. Beautiful! Awesome testimony… thank you for sharing. Candice + Dan… the images are rockin!

  8. Andrea Beane says:

    God is amazing!

  9. lori hanks says:

    Beautiful story…so brave and heartwarming for you to share something so personal. so many people believe that having a baby is a clear cut thing, but truly it is the most emotional, spiritual, and physically challenging experience. I admire your honesty and love for your baby boy. I know you are a wonderful mom and he is one lucky little boy. God is GOOD and he proves it to us time and time again….BLESSINGS TO YOU AND GEOFF AND BOONE!!!! really hope I can meet him one day!

  10. What an amazing story of redemption. I love how God refines us & uses our struggles to bring us back to him. thanks for sharing!!! you have an amazing, beautiful & precious baby.

  11. Robyn Regan says:

    I am so glad that everything worked out in the end. You are and always will be my photographer hero…and I am sure you will be brilliant parents too!!! Boone looks so much like Geoff. Again…congratulations to you all. xxx

  12. Julie Rae says:

    Wow you brought me to tears this morning! Isn’t is crazy how crystal clear your path is once you’ve given it up to God? I am so happy for you and Geoff that you have such an amazing blessing as Boone!

  13. i will forever love this story. why? because God writes our love story…to our spouse, for our children and to Him. I love that you shared yours so transparently and by that…your story is not in VAIN …but like the Book of James, there are such rewards in sharing and helping other’s too. Thank you for allowing Daniel & I to be a part of something so amazing. Both you and Geoff were such heroes and we are so honored to call you friends. Can’t wait till you capture Stevie’s birth story…SOON!

  14. i will forever love this story. why? because God writes our love story…to our spouse, for our children and to Him. I love that you shared yours so transparently and by that…your story is not in VAIN …but like the Book of James, there are such rewards in sharing and helping other’s too. Thank you for allowing Daniel & I to be a part of something so amazing. Both you and Geoff were such heroes and we are so honored to call you friends. Can’t wait till you capture Stevie’s birth story…SOON!

  15. There are no words. None. You are a beautiful, strong and amazing woman. Remarkable story – one you will remember for a lifetime! xoxo

  16. Brandie Vega says:

    What a scary experience. I am crying for you. Glad everything is fantastic for you and your family. Sending my love.

  17. Kathleen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story—I always love reading birth stories, but this one was so transparent and vulnerable—I love that! I love seeing how our sweet Father is always guiding us, even when we are fighting him the entire way! And those pictures from your friends—!!!

  18. Jennie Grimes says:

    Chey– Your beauty, openness, strength and grace are amazing. Thank you for sharing this struggle and how through prayer you were able to fight through to find hope and serenity. You & Geoff have a beautiful son & I am excited to hear about all of your adventures together as he continues to grow. Love always. xo

  19. becca says:

    i know we don’t know each other from adam (or eve), but your story brought tears to my eyes and fresh memories to my mind of my dark times in my own “hole.” thanks for not just sharing the crappy parts, but for sharing the whole story, especially the redemption. God chases after us (in a loving way) and i so easily forget that part. may God bless you all as a new family and may His face shine upon you and give you peace. 🙂

  20. Vanessa says:

    Cheyenne he is precious!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing so much raw emotion in this post. I love how real and open you are because I’m not even pregnant and I fear it in so many ways. There a lot of people who hide these feelings which makes the rest of us who feel that way not open about talking about it. Thanks again- Glad you are enjoying your time with him at home!!! 🙂

  21. Reida says:

    Such a wonderful, wonderful story! God is totally amazing, isn’t he? I can’t tell you how happy I am for the three of you. Yes you are definitely blessed but Boone is so blessed to have you for his mama. Lots of love and blessings to you, Geoff, and Baby Boone!

  22. Jessica Sack says:

    Totally lost count of how many time I teared up reading your story! It’s so strong of you to express real emotions about pregnancy – so many that a lot of women wouldn’t admit to close friends, much less the entire internet. This is a true example of everything happening for a reason – and now you know the reason! xoxo

  23. Dianne Personett says:

    This is awesome…I have heard that there is nothing in this world that compares to having and loving your own kids, and it is a small yet powerful glimpse of our Heavenly Father’s love for us! Congrats to you both!!

  24. nancy ray says:

    precious story. i so appreciate your honesty – it makes everything more beautiful. so happy for the schultzes – party of 3!

  25. Heather says:

    How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is such a testimony to God’s grace and provision. He will provide what we need when we need it….. a hand to hold, comfort in song, love for a child. He provides time and time again. Motherhood definitely teaches total dependence on Him and you are blessed to learn that lesson so early on. That little Boone-y Boy is a lucky little guy! I hope you are doing well with all the adjustments. Still thinking about you often with all your new responsibilities.
    p.s. The pictures from the hospital are beautiful, such a treasure!

  26. Bobbie Brown says:

    Wow. What a story… So happy to hear that you have made it through all of that, and are a proud Momma now! Welcome to Motherhood! LOVE the pictures, he is precious.

  27. Amy Martin says:

    Such a beautiful story and reminder that God will continue to pursue us, even when we aren’t pursuing Him; and that with everything there is purpose.. His purpose. Love you!

  28. Margaret B. says:

    A beautifully touching story. Thank you for being real, open & honest with your readers. It is a blessing!

  29. Judy Klein says:

    Cheyenne & Geoff & Boone,
    Reading this made my day. I had heard you were having a hard time adjusting to becoming a mom, Cheyenne. Somehow I knew when your little baby appeared, life would change…and it has. There isn’t a job anywhere that comes close to being a parent! He is beautiful and I can’t wait to see him in person. You must stop by the office. Judy

  30. LOVED reading your story. I’m blaming my tears on the pregnancy hormones 😉 Amazed by life and how it can be so amazing and so scary all at the same time. Thank you for sharing your story! Boone is too cute. And i love love love his name! So fun to follow you at this point in your life. Love you Chey!

  31. Alicia says:

    This was a wonderful story, I was tearing up as I was reading it. I imagine it is hard to open yourself up this way, but thank you for sharing.

  32. Debby Harrison says:

    Cheyenne and Geoff: Boone is absolutely beautiful and perfect. You’ve shared an amazing account of your pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks for sharing your witness. I look forward to more updates and can’t wait to hold Boone (love that name). Hope you are still on the mend. I had no doubt that your were going to be great parents. God is so good. Hugs to all of you!

  33. I’ve never been on your site before. It’s added to my reader now, ’cause this post just amazed me!

  34. Shane Snider says:

    Congratulations, guys! We’re expecting our first in February. They can be buddies!

  35. Jana says:

    Oh goodness, this just made me cry. I had severe, atypical HELLP syndrome, and I too almost passed away giving birth to my daughter…I laid in my bed really feeling like I was going to pass away. Like you I was VERY sick, very suddenly. No one was prepared. Your words brought back all those feelings, and reminded me how truly fortunate I really am to have lived through it. Thank you for sharing. p.s. I know I am like 3 years late reading this post 😉


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