October Goals


October.  Arguably my favorite of all 12 months.  And FINALLY we have some fall weather.  I don’t think it’s fair that the scorching summer and frigid winter seasons seem to last forever, but the gorgeousness of spring and fall are over in a minute.  Oh well. 

Okay, so maybe I was a little overly ambitious in my goals for September.  Here’s where things stacked up.

1.  Get my thank you notes written.  Nope.
2.  Have all of Boone’s baby stuff put together/finish buying what we need for him/have his nursery set up.
3.  Have our pictures taken with Boone by Candice and Daniel.  Will share these this week.  πŸ™‚
4.  Have our bedroom painted.  Nope.  Probably not going to happen for some time.  πŸ™
5.  Go on a date with Geoff.  Nope.  However, we will redeem ourselves this week for an awesome date…..which include a full night’s sleep thanks to my mom who is coming back to Charlotte for a week!  πŸ™‚
6.  Get a pedicure.  Yes!  Got one with two of my dear friends.  
I DID, however, accomplish my main goals of enjoying my new baby, getting totally caught up with editing (yes!) and recovering from the surgery.  
Here’s what’s up for October:
1.  Write those thank you notes.
2.  Set up/organize the nursery.
3.  Uptown date night!
4.  Get my poor, neglected dogs to the vet. 
5.  Albums – must and will complete/order Holly and Drew, Allison and Matt, Katie and Tracy.  
6.  Begin the process of updating our website.
7.  Get/make Boone a Halloween costume.  Seems a little ridiculous seeing as he’s so little….but, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t have a picture to show him of his FIRST Halloween costume on his actual first Halloween?
8.  Speaking of Halloween – I SO want to go to a pumpkin patch.  And maybe a corn maze. 
9.  Boone blogs.  Now that I’m caught up with my wedding work, it’s Boone time.  Stay tuned for his birth story, our family pics and his newborn pics. 
For now, here’s one of our Boone.  Now, I never claimed to be a newborn photographer…but I’m loving this shot of my sweet buddy.  πŸ™‚



Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Sara says:

    Oh Cheyenne he is so cute, that is an adorable photo!! He is getting so big so fast. Cant wait to see more photos and read his story. Congrats once again to you and Geoff. {{Huggs}}

  2. tish says:

    There’s an awesome corn maze up in Huntersville. You guys should check it out. I swear they have a pumpkin patch up there too. I can’t believe how big your little one is getting. Congrats again!

  3. Amy says:

    cheyenne he is just precious! I cannot get over how adorable he is. It looks like your doing well with all the changes, glad to see that πŸ™‚

  4. Katrina Lynn says:

    oh my goodness, he is CUTE!

  5. Kim Spears says:

    Cheyenne and Geoff he is just precious !! LOVE that shot πŸ™‚ Good luck with all of your October goals !!

  6. Allison Odom says:

    Cheyenne & Geoff – Congrats, he is beautiful! Saw #3 on your list via facebook – amazing photos of the 3 of you!


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