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Erin and Adam are engaged to be married this November at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, SC…we’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding there and are really looking forward to their wedding day.  
For their engagement session, Erin had two requests.  1) we get some pictures of her and Adam with her soon-to-be-step-son, Layton and 2) we attempt to get a couple shots of the three of them with their four…..yes, FOUR dogs.  I made no promises at the latter, but told her we’d sure give it a try.  🙂
I suggested that instead of having them lug all four dogs out somewhere for the session, Geoff and I just come to their house to grab those shots…so we did.  And, I think we pulled off the “everyone smile at the camera” shot pretty darn well.  Don’t you think?  
ErinAdamEpics_0002.jpgErinAdamEpics_0003.jpgErinAdamEpics_0004.jpgErinAdamEpics_0005.jpgErinAdamEpics_0006.jpgErinAdamEpics_0007.jpgWe sent Layton off to play for a bit so we could get some pictures of just the two of them.  And really, they are adorable together…..  
ErinAdamEpics_0008.jpg….and funny……
ErinAdamEpics_0009.jpgand fun.  🙂
ErinAdamEpics_0010.jpgI love this one.
ErinAdamEpics_0011.jpgSee you guys soon!  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. amy free says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with that awesome Dairy Barn….

  2. Debbie says:

    These are awesome. You can see mischief in Layton’s eyes!

  3. leah says:

    At first I was going to say Layton looks so gosh darn happy but then I knew it had to be changed to ALL OF YOU look so gosh darn happy. And may I say with the warmest affection CONGRATULATIONS!!! lr


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