Dana and Adam – Prestonwood Country Club



I’m gonna go ahead and just say that Dana and Adam win the prize for the hottest wedding day of wedding season 2010.  Man, oh man….you have no idea.  And let me tell you – Adam and his guys were straight CHAMPS in their tuxes out in the blazing heat for pictures before and after the ceremony.  
Not only did we get to shoot some post-ceremony downtown Raleigh portraits of the two of them, but then they let us take them out again during the ceremony for a few pics at the country club.  We were happy campers.  We are ALWAYS happy campers when we have adequate time for portraits.  🙂
Congratulations Dana and Adam!
Dress:purchased at Enchanting Moments
Bridesmaids Dresses: Priscilla of Boston; purchased at Traditions by Anna
Cake/Catering: Prestonwood Country Club
DanaAdamWedding_0002.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0003.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0004.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0005.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0006.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0007.jpgI couldn’t decide which pic of Adam I liked better…..so I put them both.  🙂  Good work, Geoff.  (and Adam 🙂 ).
DanaAdamWedding_0008.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0009.jpgJust minutes before ceremony time.  
DanaAdamWedding_0010.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0011.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0012.jpgBest moment ever…..a beaming groom at the top of the aisle.  🙂
DanaAdamWedding_0013.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0014.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0015.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0016.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0017.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0018.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0019.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0020.jpgDanaAdamWedding_0021.jpgLove this of Dana dancing with her dad.


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. julie rae says:

    damn that ring shot is good. that is art!

  2. Lori Campbell says:

    Super hot ring shot.

  3. georgina says:

    You do it every time – beautiful shots!

  4. Laura Y says:

    You got really great shots of the two of them! I was gonna tell you which were my favourites, but looked back and realized it would have been every single one of them with the happy couple together. 😀 Strong work!

  5. Kellie Kano says:

    Beautiful storytelling images. Way to keep it real, guys.. Bravo!

  6. Awesome stuff as always! Love the shot of the couple on the brick tiles 🙂

  7. vo!
    (08.16.10 @ 04:11 PM)
    Corinna Hoffman says:
    Awesome stuff as always!

  8. Super hot ring shot.


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