Lauren and Rob



Lauren and Rob are one of the very few weddings that we’ll be shooting this fall after baby boy arrives.  I can’t WAIT for the fall weather that will be for their wedding day….because engagement session day….was HOT (as are ALL engagement session days this time of year!).  
I’m kind of in love with this session – big fan of the color.  🙂
LaurenRobEpics_0002.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0003.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0004.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0005.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0006.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0007.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0008.jpgLaurenRobEpics_0009.jpgRob was cracking me up with his jumps.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. super cute couple and I adore the backdrops…great places for pics! wow!

  2. Ruth Berry says:

    Love these! I’m a big fan of your work, but I have to tell you, that second image is super great!
    I love how the yellow stripe and her yellow dress lead my eye right up to that wonderful snuggle.
    great session!

  3. love the striped walls so much.

  4. Mary Sheedy says:

    I LOVE these! And, LOVE that dress!

  5. Laura James says:

    Great shots and I love her dress. Please ask her where she got it!

  6. kimberly says:

    love the dress and shoes and the gray and colored wall picture! do you know where the dress and shoes are from?


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