Emily and Michael – St. Thomas Preservation Hall – Wilmington, NC


Emily and Michael Wedding_0002.jpg
Wilmington.  Loved it.  
Traveling to Wilmington, NC for Emily and Michael’s Memorial Day weekend wedding was Geoff and I’s first time visiting.  We loved exploring downtown…which was quite busy given the weekend.  We especially loved The Dixie Grill (we went there two days in a row for breakfast….THE best biscuit I EVER had) and Kilwin’s (we went there three nights in a row for chocolate and ice cream treats).  🙂
And the wedding?  We had been looking forward to this wedding for some time.  We were excited for this one for many reasons:
1) Emily and Michael are really good, nice people….super easy-going…super friendly.  Plus, they look great together, have great chemistry and do super well in front of our cameras.  🙂
2) We would have the chance to work with planner Alyse Woodward again….which is always a good time….and always makes for great detail shooting.  
3) We knew Salt Harbor Designs was doing the flowers/decor.  Seriously, this company AMAZES me with their work….I really wish they would just move their business to Charlotte.  🙂
And of course, we weren’t disappointed.  I think my favorite aspect of the whole day, though, was all of the emotion.  I don’t cry very often at weddings…but this one got me….many of times throughout the day.  You’ll see why.
Gown: Judd Waddell – purchased at Traditions by Anna in Raleigh, NC
Bridesmaids dresses: purchased at Traditions by Anna in Raleigh, NC
Cake and cookies: Flower and Flour (what a GORGEOUS cake!)
DJ: All the Right Grooves (yes, Jill came in from Charlotte and YES, she was awesome….per usual)
Emily and Michael Wedding_0001.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0008.jpg

Emily and Michael Wedding_0004.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0005.jpg

Love this moment after the dress was on between Emily and her sister-in-law/maid of honor, Lori.  

Emily and Michael Wedding_0010.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0012.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0011.jpg

Emily and Michael Wedding_0013.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0014.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0015.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0016.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0017.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0018.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0019.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0020.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0021.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0022.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0023.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0024.jpg

Emily and Michael Wedding_0027.jpgEmily
and Michael Wedding_0028.jpg

Emily and Michael Wedding_0031.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0032.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0033.jpgHere’s where first started crying….their first dance.  You guys….there was NO denying how much they love each other.  Like I said, I normally don’t cry at things like this…..and yes, I’m pregnant, so I’m emotional anyway.  But really….they had everyone crying….I even saw DJ Jill shedding a few tears.  I swear.  

Emily and Michael Wedding_0034.jpgAnd this would be where I cried even more….Emily and her brother’s dance.  Seriously, the whole room was choking up at this point.
Emily and Michael Wedding_0035.jpgAnnnnndddd….some more tears here during Michael’s brother’s toast…they were killing me!
Emily and Michael Wedding_0036.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0037.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0038.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0039.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0040.jpgPost-dinner milk and cookie bar?!  Yes please!  
Emily and Michael Wedding_0041.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0042.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0043.jpgEmily and Michael Wedding_0044.jpgYou two are too much.  I love your love for each other.  Many, many well wishes for your marriage…..like, MANY.  🙂
Emily and Michael Wedding_0045.jpg

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. These are so great! I got to have one (ok a couple) of Flour and Flower’s macaroons recently, and they are to die for!!! The purple ones look fantastic with the rings!

  2. a) Favorite ring shot ever.
    b) I love and miss this entire family so much it hurts!
    c) How adorable is this couple?
    d) It is ALWAYS a good time when we get to work together… eating in the kitchen because it was the coldest room there, you getting trapped by the rental truck and being forced to help with breakdown… ya’ll are the best 🙂

  3. Kim Spears says:

    You guys captured so much emotion at this wedding! Every photo has a feeling and I love that 🙂

  4. Kristy Powell says:

    Wow–those are some stellar photos. And that church is incredible. Beautiful details, beautiful flowers, and I love their couple shots. How is it that you seem to get better so consistently? Like… you weren’t even ever not awesome, so I don’t really get it but I’m very excited for you and to continue to oh and awe over what you capture and produce. Love you both.

  5. Kellie Kano says:

    Love the emotion in these images & the cookie bar is darling!

  6. Cat Watson says:

    Beautiful! Love all the detail shots, especially the ring shot on those purple cookies. The light in the dancing shots….gorgeous!

  7. chris h. says:

    Awesome. That is all.


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