July Goals and Baby Christopher


July already?!  I guess I’m not surprised at how fast it came given the crazy busyness of the last few months.  

Since we’re at the beginning of the month, it’s accountability time (i.e. goal sharing).  Most of July will be consumed with editing and shooting, but I do need to get the following completed as well:
1) Take dogs to groomers
2) Finish painting the upstairs (still have to do one side of hallway, baby room, guest room, master bedroom and bathroom…yikes) so we can get our new carpet in
3) Refine my list of 2010 goals
4) Set up photo shoot for Geoff and I (yes….I’ve decided I’d better get “maternity” pictures done just so I don’t regret it after the fact)
5) Update our 12×16 album sample (our current sample is from spring 2008…and I cringe anytime someone looks at it)
6) Go through my Get It Together Kit and decide which pieces I’d like to implement into my own workflow (photographers….if you want to get your business organized, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this kit)
7) Create a book reading list for our beach trip at the end of the month
8) Get caught up with paying sales tax (ugh)
9) Get that dang inbox down to zero (lately, its consistently hovering around 40) (ugh).
Although I didn’t blog my June goals…I did have them.  One was to take a few pics of our friend’s sweet baby boy – Christopher – while we were visiting them.  Here’s two that proves the goal was met. 🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Shailyn says:

    Oh my he is simply precious! Look at those big beautiful blue eyes!


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