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The week before last, Geoff and I were able to take a little trip to Chicago, IL to A) celebrate Geoff’s birthday, B) celebrate our 3rd anniversary, and C) visit Geoff’s family.  We stayed downtown for 3 nights and then headed over to the family in a suburb of Chicago for another 3 nights.    
Chicago_0002.jpgChicago_0003.jpgChicago_0004.jpgFor all of you out there who have been hassling me to see a picture of my pregnant self – here you go.  I let Geoff take a few of me on our walk headed to Navy Pier.  I’m 26 weeks here.
Chicago_0005.jpgChicago_0006.jpgChicago_0007.jpgChicago_0008.jpgChicago_0009.jpgGoodness, I love Chicago.
Chicago_0010.jpgChicago_0011.jpgGeoff’s rainy birthday started out at good old Denny’s.  His current obsession is playing his little game – “Angry Birds” on his iPhone.  
Chicago_0012.jpgFor his birthday – he wanted to shop.  So we did.  In the rain.  ALL.  DAY.  RAIN.


I may have worked a little…but just a little.  🙂


Our anniversary started out at the West Egg Cafe for breakfast, which we would highly recommend when visiting Chicago.


For lunch, we ordered Giordanos pizza to take with us to eat in Millenium Park.  We have 45 minutes to kill before it would be ready, so we decided to walk to see Buckingham Fountain….which took WAY longer to walk to and was WAY hotter than we thought it would be.  We grabbed a quick couple of jumping shots and then turned back.  I won’t post my jumping shot….as SOMEBODY I know laughed at my sad little jump.


Finally….pizza in the park.  


We ended our day by renting bikes to ride down to the water….with a small Navy Pier dippin’ dots break in between.  🙂


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. love. it. friend. and i too, love chicago! glad you guys got to take a break…. p.s. Daniel likes Geoff’s plaid shirt… holla!

  2. Jessica Sack says:

    LOVE self-portraits in the bean! C, you look adorbs!

  3. Allison Kuhn says:

    Great photos of a great city!! Looks like an awesome trip. Side note- Cheyenne, your hair always looks amazing and Geoff’s plaid shirt is awesome

  4. courtney says:

    You guys are too freakin cute. Seriously. Happy belated b-day Geoff!

  5. Lori Campbell says:

    Such a beauty carryin’ that lil boy around, Cheyenne!! You look super fab!! Great pics!

  6. Jesse Fender says:

    You look so beautiful pregnant!!! You two (meaning you and Geoff lol) are so adorable! 🙂

  7. p.s. Daniel just reminded me that Giordanos in Chicago is where we had our first ‘official’ date. 🙂 my luggage had been lost at O’hare and I had ended up walking barefoot with my heels {3 inch} were in my hands. 🙂 …. now I’m obsessing over deep dish pizza. i. must. have. some.

  8. CHEYENNE. you two are the CUTEST COUPLEEEE. so styling. love these photos, love the update on your “personal” non-biz life. love love!

  9. You guys are too cute… all three of you guys 🙂

  10. Lara says:

    LOVE the bump pics 🙂

  11. Karen / Mom says:

    Chicago is my favorite US City! Seriously there are some that fall in the top 10 I enjoy BUT THERE IS NO CITY LIKE CHICAGO! And before we move to Charlotte….you are sure you are not moving to Chicago, right? Anyway. LOVE the Chicago shots of you and Geoff for sure and I know you MOM will be so happy with the beautiful picture of you with child. We are going to be happy little grandmas! You both look gorgeous. The bean pic is awesome but how did you do the bridge picture? wowza! YOU two sure look beautiful together in the city rain or shine! Love you all very much. MOM /Karen!

  12. Maryann says:

    Y’all are so cute, I can’t stand it. Miss you tons.

  13. julie rae says:

    Strange, there is a West Egg Cafe in Atlanta that is one of the best in the city for brunch. But its not the same owner … funny. Looks like a great trip!

  14. Allison Thomas says:

    Cheyenne, you look beautiful! Love these pics! =)

  15. tish says:

    My husband got me hooked on Angry Birds too. Great game. Amazing pics and what a fun trip!

  16. Amy Martin says:

    So cute! Looks like so much fun. 🙂

  17. Chicago… LOVE tha city. So great! Also, I was obsessed with Angry Birds until I beat it and found Fling… tell geoff to try fling!

  18. What a fun trip! It looks like you both had a blast!!

  19. I so love ya’ll. Cheyenne you look super cute in the bean picture!

  20. Kim Spears says:

    You guys are ADORABLE !!!

  21. ANGRY BIRDS is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
    The pictures are good too 😉

  22. Jonathan says:

    Wish you both all the very best… we’d get married again just to reunite our whole wedding crew, all of whom did an amazing job. Who’s taking Geoff’s picture when baby’s born? Gotta think ahead. Trust me, that’s a moment!

  23. You, Candice and Rebecca win the prize for cutest prego girls ever. 🙂


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