Happy Monday, friends.  🙂  
I’m happy to report that we made it through Katie and Kevin’s wedding day (and outside ceremony) with no rain!  
Please enjoy a few of Katie’s bridal portraits.  Hair by Kristin Troglin at Carmen! Carmen! Salon at the Northlake location.  Makeup by Kymm at Who’s the Fairest.  


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Katie you are stunning! So fun to be at the wedding, and getting to hang out with your two fabulous photographers!

  2. Casey and Amber says:

    Katie, you are stunning. We are so glad to get to see the photos of the wedding here, since we’re so far away. Congratulations!

  3. jen hunt says:

    wow, that’s all i’m sayin’.

  4. Alan Capps says:

    When do we get your fabulous photos of the wedding on your blog? We have friends in distant lands that would like to see what they missed. You guys were great! You are truly artists painting wonderful stories with your cameras!


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