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LindsayMottsEpics_0002.jpgA few days after Easter, Geoff and I were perusing the Easter sale aisles at Target and happened upon a floor to ceiling shelf of marshmallow Peeps – all 90% off.  And that was the day we bought 900 Peeps.  
That weekend we had the engagement shoot of Lindsay and Motts.  On their questionnaire they had indicated they were open to using props, but didn’t have anything in particular in mind.  Mostly, they said, they wanted fun pictures.  PERFECT.  And so….we hauled along two buckets full of our newly unpacked Peeps…..and it was fun.  🙂

LindsayMottsEpics_0007.jpgLindsay and Motts did bring along a prop of their own for some of the pictures.  Riley was the perfect subject.   

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Joey Dickens says:

    BUDDY!!!!!! Oh my gosh! How funny I found you here :):) Congratulations 🙂 Joey

  2. Margaret B. says:

    Seriously adorable couple…and I ALWAYS get sucked into those after-holiday sales, too.

  3. Michele B says:

    Peeps?!!?! How original!

  4. Eric Morphis says:

    Those are two precious people matched with a creative concept! Off the chart from a biased Uncle.


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