The Scottish Cheese Affair (& biz cards)


Warning – this is going to be a COMPLETELY random blog post.  My intent was to just post some pictures of our new business cards since we rebranded, but now….my mind will only go to one thing…..fried cheese.  

Spring semester of my junior year of college at the University of Redlands, I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.  There are many many reasons why my experience was amazing….but one that sticks out at this moment…is the cheese.  Now, Edinburgh isn’t exactly known for it’s cheese, but for some reason, it ended up being a part of my daily food intake.  Specifically, it was cheese toasties, which are really just grilled cheese sandwiches with a cute name.  
Pretty much every day for the first couple of months I would pay a visit to the flat of my best friend, Whitney….so I could have her make me a toastie.  Eventually, I figured it was worth the investment to buy a toasty maker so I could make them myself in my own flat….as many as I wanted, which is undoubtedly what contributed to my gaining 20 pounds in six months.  
What happened though….overtime….was that the bread of the toastie just seemed to be getting in the way….taking away from the goodness of my cheese.  It’s quite shameful to admit this, but I ended up ditching the bread and just frying up my cheese to eat.  SHAMEFUL!  
For a before lunch snack today, I decided upon some cheese and crackers.  As I stood next to the stove burner….I had a deja vu moment of my Scottish cheese affair and couldn’t resist dumping the cheese into a pan.  And let me tell you – it tasted glorious.  Now, here I am…..obsessing about finishing off the rest of the cheese cube.  Oh, curses to me!
Anyway, staying true to the original intent of the post… are our new business cards…designed by our designer – Erica Anne.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Kristy Powell says:

    Absolutely darling. My favorite of all this rebranding is the picture you’ve chosen to use of the two of you. It is all just perfect for the two of you, as halves making a whole and as wholes unto yourselves.

  2. karie mclain says:

    Your new cards and branding our way cute! Cheers to you two 🙂

  3. Lauren Kaczmarski says:

    I love these! I need some to carry around in my wallet with me so I can just look at you two and smile!

  4. CA-UTE! Love your new business cards!!!!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    So, so cute! OK—Caitlin sent me to the gallery of her bridals today—-OH MY GOODNESS—-LOVE! Thanks so much—I need some of those business cards—a lot of my friends will have kids getting married soon—–send some in the dvd—-PLEASE!!! hugs and prayers for that sweet baby!

  6. Your cards and branding are awesome and I’m very happy you acknowledge the superiority of British cheeses:)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Love the business cards. There are worse pregnancy cravings than fried cheese – when I was pregnant I don’t think there was enough greasy pepperoni strombolis in the entire world that could satisfy my craving. And strawberries. Way too many strawberries!

  8. Cheyenne says:

    stephanie – strawberries are a BIG one for me!


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