Sarah and Jason – Proposal


As mentioned before, shooting proposals are my favorite thing ever to shoot.  The anticipation KILLS me…..I love it!  
Jason and Sarah are both Davidson College alums, so it seemed only natural that Jason would propose on campus.  He contacted me months before to begin planning.  Being that they both live in Durham, they planned a trip down to Charlotte to hit up IKEA in the morning, lunch at 131 Main, and the evening spent at the Bobcats game.  After lunch, they went walking on campus to kill some time.  Little did Sarah know, Geoff and I were hiding out behind bushes waiting for them to arrive.  


As soon as they got to the well, Jason dropped down to one knee…..and it happened.  🙂
We had a little time before Jason and Sarah had to be on the road for a surprise engagement party back in Durham, so we grabbed a few pics.
Love this one.  🙂
Congratulations, you two!!!!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. tish says:

    I love how you got it all on film. Great work and awesome pics!

  2. Jessica Sack says:

    Aw, so cute! I love it when you get to do this – I love your job!

  3. haha, I love how the first shot is so paparazzi, hiding in the bushes! 🙂

  4. Gail says:

    SO sweet! I love the kick shot. They got great air!
    And I DIG your new blog! It’s beautiful!

  5. Madeline Stough says:

    you GUYS!!! so glad that the day was beautiful for you all. love love love it!! congrat sc and jason!! well done cheyenne and geoff 🙂


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