2019 Spring Intern – Katie

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Our spring intern has been with us a few weeks now…just in time for a busy spring wedding season! She is an up and coming photographer who just graduated from college last week and has already been huge help to us in taking care of our clients. She jumped in with hands open and with a heart for serving (it might be the ennegram type 2 in her). We are so grateful for all that she is adding to our team by way of her willing spirit, fun stories and make up pointers! Welcome, Katie!

Where are you from?
I was born in Richmond, VA but not soon after we moved to Keenesaw, Georgia. I’ve lived in Charlotte for about 13 years, so I do consider it home.
What are you passionate about?
One of the things I’m most passionate about is people. I love building friendships and investing in people. Type 2 on the ennegram for those who know, you know.
What are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m most looking forward to change this year, I’m finishing my degree and pursuing photography. I’m expectant of what the rest of the year will bring!
What are you grateful for?
One of the things I’m most grateful for is my family, we are all really close!
Does shopping count as a hobby?
If you had a full day to yourself, what would you do?
If I had a full day to myself, I’d spend my day traveling on a day trip somewhere with friends.
One state you want to visit in the next five years?
California, I’ve never been and would love to visit places like Los Angeles and Santa Monica.
Best book you have ever read?
Tuesdays with Morrie


Vanilla or Chocolate?
Chocolate, all the way.
Beach or mountains?
Do I have to choose?! I’m going to have go with the beach because I do love those ocean front views.
Morning person or night owl?
Night owl…I might or might not have to set multiple alarms to be able to wake up in the morning!
Favorite Season?
Favorite city to visit?
I haven’t traveled to half the places I want to go yet, but I did really enjoy New York City
Favorite show on Netflix?
Parenthood! It is a must watch and I loved it so much I was upset when they changed the theme song haha.


Favorite treat?
Brownies! Anything chocolate honestly.
Favorite Food?
A hot sub! We joke that they’re going to be served at my wedding…I love them so much.
Favorite drink?
Half sweet/Half Unsweet tea or Lemonade
Coffee or Tea?
For the longest time I didn’t drink coffee so I’m going to have to go with tea
Favorite restaurant?
Chopt…their salads are the best!
Favorite place to get coffee?
Starbucks is a must, but I do love Cafe Moka.
If you were given $100 and you had to give it away to someone, who would you give it to?
I’d probably end up giving it to my grandparents…they love to give to others in return, so I know it would go to good use.
If you were given $100 and you had to spend it on yourself, how would you spend it?
I would most likely use half of it to get my nails done and the other half to get some new tops!

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