Today is a good day! Not only is today the day that I get to share Maggie and JR’s wedding day at The Ritz Charlotte, but it’s the day we get to see it featured on Carats and Cake! For the full feature, click here!

We had the best day with this sweet couple and have so enjoyed getting to know them. Here are just a few of my favorite moments/things about their day:

+ Preceding her first look with JR, Maggie decided to do a first look with both her brothers and her dad. It was so sweet and might have even flashed me forward to what it might be like on our daughter Crew’s wedding day with her brothers. :)

+ After all of their bridal party had made their way down the aisle for the processional, there was a quiet moment…a pause…maybe even an extended pause….before Maggie came through the door. You could see JR’s nerves melt away into relief the second he caught her glance. These small, seemingly insignificant moments are what make a wedding day so incredibly special for us to photograph!

+ Their first dance was amazing. Like, the most amazing first dance that I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot of them!

+ Their A+ vendor team! See below for this line-up!

Maggie and JR – the biggest congratulations to you both! We wish you so much happiness together. xoxo.

Venue – Ritz Carlton Charlotte

Wedding Planner – The Graceful Host

Hair/Makeup – Charisse Holliday of Be Pretty

Dress Designer – Hayley Paige

Dress Purchased From – Hayden Olivia

Florals – New Creations Flowers

Officiant – Rev. Rebecca Nagy

Ceremony Musician – Harp In Charlotte

Invitations – Pink Toast Ink

Calligraphy – The Graceful Host

DJ – Split Second Sound

Catering and Cake – Ritz Carlton Charlotte

Rentals – Party Reflections

Filmmaker – Shamus of Indigo Charlotte

TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0002.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0003.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0005.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0006.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0007.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0009.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0010.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0012.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0014.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0015.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0017.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0018.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0019.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0020.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0022.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0024.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0025.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0026.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0028.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0029.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0030.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0031.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0033.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0034.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0035.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0036.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0037.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0038.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0039.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0040.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0041.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0042.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0044.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0045.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0047.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0048.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0049.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0050.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0051.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0052.jpg TheRitzCharlotteWedding_MaggieJR_0053.jpg

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