Do you remember Amanda and Josh’s dreamy Savannah engagement session at Wormsloe Historic Site? Well today, I get to share their beautiful wedding day. :)

Late last month Amanda and Josh were married at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia. And y’all. It was just the best day. Here are just a few of my favorite moments of the day.

+ Amanda’s Hayley Paige dress. Need I say more? It was incredible.

+ Amanda gifted her mom a set of three connected frames (see image below) – one of her mom on her own wedding day, one for a bridal portrait of herself and one with a quote from their favorite musical, Wicked. “So much of me is what I learned from you. You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart.” Perfect.

+ We had been planning to do their first look under the spanish moss in Forsyth Park. Wouldn’t you know it when we pulled up to the park to location scout the evening before…we saw the signs for the Savannah College of Art and Design Sidewalk Arts Festival. Geoff went to SCAD, so we knew what this meant…the park would be inundated the next day with people and shooting there might prove impossible. While we made a back up plan, we didn’t need to use it thanks to one low hanging tree that allowed us to block out most of the festival goers!

+ This was a family affair! Amanda’s maid of honor was her sweet sister, Josh’s best men were his hilarious and entertaining brothers and Josh’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law officiated the ceremony. Super special.

+ Josh’s son, Cameron, stole our hearts. What an adorable, kind, sweet and fun kid. I loved how they incorporated him into the ceremony. Amanda gave Cameron a ring of his own and then he gave one to Amanda. And when they asked him if he wanted to say anything, he looked at her and sweetly said, “I love you, Amanda.” And I was a puddle behind my camera.

+ Amanda had her grandmother’s brooch pinned in her bouquet. It was so special when Amanda showed it to her before they took a picture together.

+ When Amanda and Josh had their first kiss as the ceremony concluded, the train whistle blew. So fun.

Amanda and Josh…thank you. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. You and your friends and family welcomed us in so warmly…we are so grateful. Congratulations, you two!

Venue – Georgia State Railroad Museum

Wedding Coordinator – Alysse Sweeney at Design Studio South 

Hair/Make up – Heather Ferguson of Beyond Beautiful by Heather 

Dress Designer – Hayley Paige

Dress and Veil purchased from – Blush Bridal 

Groom Attire – Hugo Boss

Florals – A to Zinnias

Ceremony Musician – Michael Houston

Transportation – Old Savannah Tours

Invitations – Mindy’s Paper Capers and Designer Fine Press

Other paper goods – Menus – He Saw Sparks Etsy

DJ – All About You Entertainment 

Caterer – JThomas Catering

Videographer – CollabCreation Films 

Rentals – Pretty Vintage Rentals and Beachview Rentals 

Lighting – Eddie Kimmer Stage Lighting

Photobooth – Dream Weaver

Vow Books – Design Life Studio Etsy GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0002.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0004.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0005.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0006.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0007.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0009.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0010.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0011.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0012.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0013.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0014.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0015.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0017.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0019.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0020.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0021.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0022.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0023.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0025.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0026.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0028.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0030.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0031.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0033.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0034.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0036.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0037.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0038.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0039.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0040.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0041.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0042.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0043.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0044.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0045.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0047.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0048.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0049.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0050.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0051.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0052.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0053.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0055.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0056.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0058.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0060.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0061.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0062.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0063.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0064.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0065.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0066.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0067.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0068.jpg GeorgiaStateRailroadMuseumWedding_AmandaJosh_0069.jpg

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This is really gorgeous my friend!
May 18, 2017
So gorgeous!!! You have amazing talent!!