You guys! This was our first engagement session photographed at Craggy Gardens in Asheville and it certainly didn’t disappoint! First of all, let me state the obvious. Once we arrived to the top, our mind was blown by the 360 views. Goodness, gracious, y’all. I’ve seen amazing images of this place from other photographer friends through the years, but there aren’t words for what it was like to experience it in real life.

Second, we just love Lauren and Mike…so much that we will continue to attempt to convince them to relocate from their home in Florida to Charlotte. :) Hanging out with them was such fun. They are just really easy to be around. We are so looking forward to photographing them again on their wedding day in early July at the Grove Park Inn.

L & M – see you guys, soon! xoxo.

CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0002.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0003.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0004.jpg

CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0006.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0007.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0008.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0009.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0010.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0011.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0012.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0013.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0014.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0015.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0016.jpg

Erika got this one…so good, right?! CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0017.jpg CraggyGardenEngagementSession_LaurenMike_0018.jpg

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